How To Scan For Free To Air Satellite Channels On Nasco TV

For anything about How To Scan For Free To Air Satellite Channels On Nasco TV, then this article has more to offer you today.

I believe you just purchased your brand new Nasco TV set and wanting to scan for some of the free to air channels that are available on your Digital TV in Ghana. Then this post can guide you on how to scan for all these satellite channels in Ghana without any cost.

Free to air channels are the TV or radio channels you can get for free — which do not require any payment as subscription fee. These free to air satellite channels are watched without any encryption or lock making it easy to be accessed by any Television set with a decoder or inbuilt decoder.

With this information, you do not need the help of a TV installer anymore — since can follow a simple to do steps and scan free to air channels for your NASCO TV today.

The internet has brought advancement for us — and there are a lot of things that can be done simply with the internet.

There’s nothing like getting access to free to air channels and watch your favourite programms on television.


Since the COVID-19 has brought social distance and limitation on social gatherings, this has affected a lot of activities and getting free to air channels can help you watch your favourite sermons, music videos, local movies, stream from Cinema 4D and latest news on your Smart TV as well.

Recently, I published an article about how to check if your Digital TV has an inbuilt decoder and this content shows how important it is — to be having a Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder. What the inbuilt decoder helps you do is that, it helps you scan and get free to air satellite TV channels.

In this post, I will like to help you scan your Nasco TV to get free Satellite Channels.

First of all, it is recommended that you install the Nasco TV and have done the initial settings and the configuration for it.

Now, let us take a look at how you can scan the Nasco Satellite TV. You are also free to apply for other Digital Satellite televisions.

How to scan Nasco TV for Free to Air Channels in Ghana

To scan for free to air satellite channels, kindly make sure that your Nasco TV is Digital TV. Most of these Digital TVs come along inbuilt decoders. You can also read: How to check if your Digital TV has inbuilt decoder.

Steps to scan your Nasco TV for Free to air satellite channels

  • Press “Menu” button on your remote control
  • Scroll down and click on “Settings
  • Scroll through the options and click on “Channel Scan” OR “Rescan” Or “Tune” Or “Auto-tune”
  • Select the “Auto Tuning” option
  • Select your country (Ghana) and choose “DVB-T” or “DVB-T2
  • Click on “Start Scan” to begin the scanning process
  • Wait till it scans finish — to enjoy your free to air satellite channels.

After knowing how to scan Nasco TV for free to air channels in Ghana, it’s time to also know how you can scan for digital channels on your Nasco TV set below.

How to scan for digital channels on Nasco TV Sets

Doing this after scanning for free to air satellite channels on your Nasco TV set can help make your digital television interesting to watch always — since it will be filled with varieties of channels to spice up entertainment moments with your Smart TV.

Let us take a look at how you can scan for digital channels for your Smart Nasco TV.

  • Press the ‘Menu’ key on the remote
  • Scroll through the menu by using the left and right arrow — select ‘Channel Settings’.
  • Press the Enter key to continue
  • Select the down arrow to select ‘DTV Manual Tuning’
  • Press Enter to open DTV Manual Tuning Submenu
  • Select ‘All Channels’ and press enter
  • Now, press ‘Menu’ to return after the scan is done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nasco TV

When Is The Best Time To Scan Your Nasco TV For Free Channels?

After purchasing your latest Nasco TV set, it is always recommended that you scan for channels. Doing this process periodically helps you access new channels for interesting views.
Doing re-scan helps you solve the issue of channels that stopped working, to start working after re-scanning, get some of the free to air channels that are added to satellite channels regularly.

My Nasco TV Channels Are Not Coming

It is always a good practice to scan your Digital TV channels at least once a month. If it happens that your Nasco TV channels are not coming, then it it’s not working for some reasons and you will have to rescan your digital TV and make sure there is no problems during the scanning.

What are some of the free to air satellite channels in Ghana?

Basically, some of the free to air channels in Ghana are; GTV, TV3, Metro TV, Joy Prime, Adom TV, TV Africa, Crystal TV, Net 2 TV and many more.


I hope this article has served as a guide for you to know How To Scan For Free To Air Satellite Channels On Nasco TV?

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