Best Places to Find Local Buyers for Your Used Laptop

By | January 15, 2020

Best Places to Find Local Buyers for Your Used Laptop.

Large number of people and countries are becoming vigilant enough to realize their social duty and the responsibility they have towards protecting the environment. Everybody can do their bit by being active enough to understand how each and every bit counts. For instance, laptops have become a bare necessity in the present scenario. If certain equipment’s are unwanted by a person, instead of letting it pile on in the dump yard one can sell them on various platforms. One such option that we generally come across- “local buyers”. They are most definitely the easiest way to sell the laptop hogging your closet and get some extra cash too!

Best Places to Find Local Buyers for Your Used Laptop

There are a few things to keep in mind while finding local buyers for your used laptops, to ensure that to get a great price and keep your information safe.

Where to find local buyers for used laptops:

There are many advantages of buying used laptops, be it easy cash, the convenience attached to procuring a used device or the usage it will be projected to. Therefore, it is quite clear from the demand that a market exists for used or pre-owned laptops around the globe. Further, in shopping paradise like Singapore, where millions flock every year to buy the cheapest and best electronic goods. But the most important question is concerned about finding best places where local buyers are interested in investing in these used laptops.

Here are the best places to sell your laptops:

Face book marketplace:

It helps by creating a public listing of the products that can be seen by Face book users (with over 2.45 million currently monthly active users, you get access to plenty of buyers). Other added benefits include- no worry about packaging or shipping and buyer can meet you in person at the time of pickup.
Pros- Since, it is built-in to face book app and sells locally, therefore, no shipping hassles.

Cons- limited geographical reach.


It has recently emerged as a competent platform for procuring used and refurbished laptops (all thanks to their shipping network). Ever heard of Amazon’s trade-in program where it’s possible for seller to exchange his used laptop and get an Amazon gift card which can be used in the next purchase.
Pros- Added perks include free shipping for sending and returning (if it isn’t accepted) your laptop. And the instant worth analysis of the product.

Cons- Must check the devices for any damage.

EBay (other sites like it):

Easy and free to set up account. When the seller is ready to strike a deal, they can pick the sale price and can even choose fixed price or even sell it to the highest bidder(by setting up an auction). Multiple digital payment options and even COD option is available upon pickup.
Pros- easy and free.

Cons- competition among various sellers.


It is an online community that lets you create a listing of the device and sell it. Seller doesn’t need to pay any fee to sell laptop instead, buyers pays it as a part of final deal.
Pros- multiple digital payment options (easier acceptance of payment) and no listing charges.
Cons- restrictions depending upon selling device’s condition and year of release (e.g. – older Mac book’s are not accepted).

PC Dreams Outlet:

When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do! This venture is certainly trying to revolutionize the current market scenario by running its selling and buying programs on various platforms like face book, etc, besides having a physical presence in the form of various showrooms. It offers a variety of services through its sister companies.
Pros- revolutionizing the market with its huge inventory for refurbished and used laptop, etc.
Cons- need more recognition in other nations too.

In Ghana, to talk about the Best Places to Find Local Buyers for Your Used Laptop, there are a lot of classified websites that you can list your home used laptop for quick sale. Jiji, Tonaton, Pepapa, Peace FM Classifieds, Ghana dealsBusiness Ghana etc are more to talk of — as a place to sell your used laptops online.

How to sell a laptop:

Preparation stage:

It is better to have an idea about your laptop and the competitive price at which it should be sold. Therefore, it’s important to do a little bit of research and understand about the price trend.
Other important thing is to post a listing of the laptop on any of the above mentioned platforms for easy sale. It’s better to be cautious when selling on person to person platforms. Therefore, choosing the platform on which you want to sell becomes an important aspect due to it.

Listing stage:

Most crucial point is to create a good heading for this stage. Catchy headline and good photo of the product without missing out on the important details of its features is the best way to achieve it. Further, it’s preferable to use original photos of the product instead of stock photos, to give an idea about the exact condition of the product.

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Be sure that you don’t miss out any of the best features of the laptop, but if there are any issues, list them too near the bottom.

Decide on the shipping scenario, which most definitely depends upon the platform finalized by the seller.
Wait for the best offers and when you find one, get set grab them!

As it’s quite evident the wonders a good ad, right platform and price can do.

Handing over stage:

Foremost important thing to do is to create a backup of your data that you don’t want to lose, from your laptop.

To be extra cautious, perform a factory reset on your laptop. So, that you don’t have to worry about your personal data getting into wrong hands.

And last but not the least, pack your laptop (be careful to include all the essentials or things you agreed upon while striking a deal) and bon voyage!

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I hope this article helped you sort a gazillion of your queries regarding the best local buyers to sell your used laptops and where to find them. Be cautious and make some extra cash while selling the used laptop that you no longer want as this post is about the Best Places to Find Local Buyers for Your Used Laptop.

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