Meet The Samsung Bot Chef That Cooks Like A Boss

By | January 8, 2020

Meet The Samsung Bot Chef That Cooks Like A Boss.

Technology has advanced and improved the life of mankind, and is making work so simpler and easier each and everyday in human life. Technology experts are working towards a lot of goals set to assign most of works to be done by mankind to technology and thanks to the Samsung Bot Chef today as a tech gadget that cooks perfect like human.

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Samsung at the launch of the Consumer Electronic Show, unveiled to us the Samsung Bot Chef that will be accomplishing the cooking tasks at the kitchen and man needs not to worry anymore as in going to the kitchen to prepare food.

Meet The Samsung Bot Chef That Cooks Like A Boss

2020 has become a year of which most companies are fascinating in tech as more gadgets and devices are announced at the Consumer Electronic Show event.

The Samsung robot chef comes with two arms that hang from a kitchen cabinet and prepare your food for you. This is the first time the Samsung Bot Chef is displayed at the Consumer Electronic Show but firstly shown at KBIS 2019.

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According to Samsung, this Bot Chef is supposed to be some kind of an assistant chef to an actual human chef. The Bot possesses some awesome skills such as clearing, whisking, chopping, pouring, cleaning, etc. and you can’t resist it.

Below is a video to demonstrate how the Samsung Bot Chef Works

Watch the video below:

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