Basic Guidelines To Fill Ghana Passport Application Form Online

By | April 2, 2021

The Basic Guidelines To Fill Ghana Passport Application Form Online has all the information a Ghanaian should understand and apply for his or her Passport today.

If you reside in Ghana and wanting to apply for a Ghanaian passport online but doubting what’s into the application process online, then this article has much for you – about how to fill Ghana passport application form online easily.

Ghana Passport is very useful for any Ghanaian wanting to travel outside Ghana. For instance, you can only travel to a country like Nigeria or South Africa – if you have a Ghanaian current Passport.

Some countries are noted to be visa free countries for Ghana Passport holders, and you having a travelling passport is the basic step to travel to any country you want.

I have had countless requests from people about how they can apply for a particular passport type. Some of them, their passport is missed and they are figuring how to apply for new one.

Some people also, their passports are damaged and they don’t know how they can apply for a new passport using the old damaged one.

Some people are looking for how to renew their biometric Ghana passport online, how to change name on Ghana Passport and more.

In today’s article, I will like to give you the guidelines on how to fill a Ghana Passport Application form online at ease.

Requirements to Apply for Ghana Passport Online

  • Birth Certificate: How To Apply For Birth Certificate Online In Ghana
  • Supporting documents: Driver’s License, National ID Card or Voter’s ID Card
  • Proof Of Profession (An introductory letter from the applicant’s employer if the applicant is employed or a work related ID card that bears applicant’s name, organisation’s name and position)
  • A student ID is required if the applicant is in school
  • Homemakers/housewives and applicants that are unemployed and those in the non-formal sector of employment like mechanics, hairdressers, seamstresses, traders etc. do not need proof.
  • Registered Business Owners and self-employed applicants must produce their business registration certificate as proof)

Ghana Passport Application Type And Prices

  • Standard Application GHS 100
  • Expedited Application GHS 150

Now, let us take a look at the Ghana passport application types and how to fill Ghana passport application form online 2021.

The online passport application e-voucher can be purchased from any of the following banks in Ghana.

  1. Ecobank Ghana branches nationwide
  2. GCB Bank Branches
  3. Zenith Bank Ghana branches

Below are some of the documents you will need to apply for any Ghana Passport application type.

First Time Applicants

  • Birth certificate (Proof of Ghana Citizenship)
  • Documents to support identity such as driver’s license, National ID card
  • Proof of profession (documents or cards that contains applicant’s name, profession and the organization and the person’s position)

If applicant is a student, then he or she has to present a student ID to proof identity.

Biometric Passport Renewal

  • First page and bio-data page with picture and information page
  • Valid Visa if applicant has any in Old Passport
  • Last page
  • Proof of Profession if changed

Missing Passports

  • Police Report
  • Affidavit
  • Proof of Identity
  • Birth Certificate

Change of Name

  • Marriage/Divorce Certificate
  • Affidavit
  • Gazette

Damaged Passport

  • Old damaged passport
  • Affidavit

Black Book Passport Renewal

  • First page (Coat of Arms and Director’s signature)
  • Bio-data page with picture and information
  • Valid Visa if applicant has any in Old Passport
  • Profession page
  • Proof of Profession if changed

Persons Below 18 years of age

  • Birth certificates
  • Parent’s or Guardian’s ID

So, there you have it – on the basic guides on how to fill the Ghana Passport application form online easily.

You may check to learn how to apply for the Ghana Passport application online here.

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