MTN Ghana Useful Shortcodes For Everyday Person In 2024

By | April 9, 2024

MTN Ghana has the numerous mobile subscribers so far in Ghana, and many are asking for the basic short codes for everyday transactions and we are here with the MTN Ghana Useful Shortcodes For Everyday Person.

MTN Ghana has been noted as the leading telecommunication network having over 17 million subscribers when it comes to be the best telecommunication company in Ghana.

With the interesting packages MTN Ghana has for its subscribers, this has made a lot of Ghanaians to fall in love with their mobile services as well.

In this post, I want to take you though some of the useful MTN Ghana shortcodes for everyday Ghanaian person in 2022 — as these codes are important in our daily lives.

MTN Call Centre

The MTN Ghana Call centre number to dial is 100

MTN Jaara

The MTN Jaara short code for MTN Subscribers in Ghana is *5055#.

The MTN Jaara, as the name implies, the offers is very enjoyable. MTN gives you the chance to make free calls during the day — thus, 24 hours and pay for only 0.50p.

Since there’s nothing like making free calls for when whole 24 hours and paying only 0.50p, you have the chance to auto-renew in the next day after it expires.

How to activate MTN Jaara

  • Just dial *5055#
  • Select the option 1 to activate
  • Select 1 to confirm

Unlike MTN Nkomode — which charges you 30.4p per call for the first minute, the MTN Jaara only charges you 0.50p for the whole day as you can call all your MTN numbers to talk for the whole day.

Note: The MTN Jaara was working across the nation until a time that MTN then made it available for a particular regions. These regions are;

  • Brong Ahafo Region
  • Northern Region
  • Upper West Region
  • Upper East Region
  • Volta Region

Just dial the shortcode if you live within any of the regions above, confirm and start making that free calls for the day with MTN Jaara.

MTN Nkomode

The MTN Nkomode short code is *315#.

The chance to make free calls during the day and be charged for that pesewas. MTN Nkomode is here.

How To Activate MTN Nkomode

1. Just dial *315# right on your phone
2. Select the option 1 to activate
3. Choose 1 again to confirm activation.

You can Read more about the MTN Nkomode here; MTN Nkomode: How To Make Cheap Calls To All MTN Numbers In Ghana

MTN Mashup (Pulse)

The MTN Mashup, also known as MTN Pulse short code is *567#. You can read more about the MTN Mashup short code and how to get best offers from MTN Ghana.


The MTN Me2U short code is *198#. This short code helps you share credit with friends and family. The MTN Me2U is the service to follow to send airtime to anyone.

MTN Phone number check

Many people for the first time, do not know how to get their phone numbers and are always stranded. With this, the best way to know your phone number is to dial the short code *156#. You can also read more about How To Check Your MTN Phone number.

MTN Pay For Me

If you want to make a call to an MTN number in an emergency situation but do not have airtime, the best way to go about this is to do MTN Pay For Me. The MTN Pay For Me short code is 154. You would have to dial the “154” before the MTN Number. eg. 1540542xxxxxx

I know how it feels sometimes to be willing to make that important phone call but — you’re not having credit to call that person. Huh?

Such is why the MTN Pay For Me offer is there as you can make that call without having airtime but request the receiver to accept the call and pay for the call.

The MTN pay for me code is 154[1234567890]. This means that you dial 154 followed by the 10 digits of the recipient’s phone number without spacing the two sets of numbers.

Assuming the receiver’s number is 0244300000, the you have to dial 1540244300000 and the receiver will be prompted to pay for the call by pressing either 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.

MTN XtraTime

This is the MTN Code to borrow airtime & MTN data Bundle offers in Ghana. The MTN short code to borrow airtime and Data bundle is *506#.

Are you running on low credit but wish to make that short call or surf the web? Then the chance is for you to borrow airtime from MTN Ghana and make that call. Not only for calls, but you can also borrow MTN data bundle to browse and pay later.

How to borrow Airtime credit

1. Just dial *506#
2. Choose any amount you want
3. After choosing the amount, press 1 to confirm.

How to borrow data bundle

1. Dial *506# from your phone
2. Select the option 5 [Request a data advance]
3. Choose the bundle package
4. Press 1 to confirm borrowing that data bundle package.

Check SIM Card Registration Status

The MTN short Code to Check your SIM Card Registration details is *400#. This MTN shortcode helps you check if your phone number has been registered successfully.

MTN Mobile Money Shortcodes

MTN Ghana as well as other telecommunication companies have made it simple to send and receive money via the comfort of our homes, offices, school or anywhere.

Unlike previously that transferring money was to be made only at the Post Office or going to the lorry stations in Ghana to send money to someone.

The revolution of mobile money has changed everything as you can sit in your room and even send money to someone in another region of which the person can receive it instantly.

Despite sending money using Mobile Money, there are other options like; top-up airtime using MTN Mobile Money, pay your bills, pay for shopping online, Buy WAEC Results Checker card using MTN Mobile Money, Buy data bundle with MTN Mobile Money etc.

Below are some of the MTN Mobile Money Shortcodes.

MTN Mobile Money Subscriber

The MTN Mobile Money Subscriber code is *170#. The shortcode for everyday person that has subscribed to MTN Mobile Money service.

Make use of the shortcode to send money, top-up airtime, pay bills, pay for shopping online and more. The code *170# can do all the magic.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Code

The MTN Mobile Money Merchant short Code is *171#. The shortcode for MTN Mobile Money merchants. MTN Mobile money agents never use the *170# for their transactions. Their shortcode for everyday transaction is the *171# for sending and withdrawing money for MTN Mobile subscriber.

MTN Mobile Money Interest

There are many Ghanaian MTN Mobile Money subscribers that do more transaction with their MTN Mobile Money wallet each and every day. The MTN Mobile Money Interest is for people that do mobile money withdrawal, transfers and more. The MTN Mobile Money Interest short code is *595#.

This shortcode helps you to exempt or include yourself from MTN Mobile Money interest payments to your account.

MTN Number Reservation

Never loose your phone number. MTN can reactivate your phone number and sell it if you make it inactive for some years.

There can be times you will travel and would love to reserve your special MTN Number so it won’t be blocked or sold to someone else. With this, you can reserve your MTN number and this MTN Number Reservation short code is *1390#.

As the number is important for you, just reserve it with the MTN phone number reservation.

MTN charges you GHS 15 for 12 months and GHS 25 for 24 months for this service.

Reserve Your MTN Number

1. Dial *1390#
2. Select 1 to reserve your own number or 2 to reserve for someone’s number
3. Enter the MTN number and confirm it.
4. Enter an alternative number, as it can be another MTN number or a different network’s number, you can also provide your e-mail.
5. Select the period you want to reserve the number (12 months or 24 months).

Report To MTN SIM-Box Fraud

Report to SIM-Box fraud – 05xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419

MTN Automatic Internet Settings

There are some mobile phone that would require that you send message for the internet configuration to be sent to you, before being able to connect your smartphone to the internet. With this, the MTN Automatic Internet Settings is *585#.

This shortcode helps you request for an internet settings to be sent to your phone. You can also send a blank message to 585. MTN will send you automatic internet settings to configure for your phone. Save the settings you received to your phone and select MTN Data as your default Access Point Name (APN).

MTN Just For You

The MTN Just For You helps you subscribe to a cheaper MTN offers in Ghana. The MTN Just For You short code is *141#.

Just like Vodafone Ghana Made4Me offer, MTN Ghana also has a similar package named Just for You Offer. Cheap bundles and sometimes too calls is what the ‘Just For You Offer’ has for you. With this offer, you will be able to buy an internet bundle and will be given a 50% or 60% bonus to be used.

Check Weather Forecast On MTN

There is a short code from MTN Ghana to help you check for Weather Forecast in your locality. The Weather Forecast on MTN is *455#.

The MTN weather forecast shortcode that charges GHC 0.80/SMS to update you on the weather or climate condition in Ghana.

Listen To MTN Radio – 1303

Access MTN Radio on any mobile phone from the comfort of your room to enjoy feel in the air. Just dial 1303 and follow the prompt to listen to MTN Radio.

MTN Jokes

The MTN Jokes short code is *300*20#. Just dial this shortcode to subscribe to best of jokes from MTN Ghana. Remember, laughter is medicine.

MTN Free Calls (New subscribers)

The MTN Free Calls for new subscribers is called MTN Magic Number. The short code for MTN Magic Number is *550#.

Sunday Special

The MTN Sunday Special helps you make calls to all MTN phone numbers for the whole day on Sundays. The Sunday Special short code is – *5050#

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