Anti Wordle Unlimited – Beginners Guide In 2024

Have you ever heard of the Anti Wordle Unlimited game? If you are a fan of the Wordle Unlimited games, then you should try something that goes in the opposite direction.

Earlier, I wrote about a few Wordle games including Poeltl Wordle Unlimited and NFL Wordle Unlimited. All these game goes in the same direction where you have to guess the mystery player for the day. In other wordle games like the Waffle wordle game, you have to guess the given waffle recipe.

Guess what Anti Wordle games do. Of course, you have to try as much as possible not to guess the word for the day. Yeah, that is exactly how anti-wordle games work.

Today, this article guide will show you everything you would need to know about Anti Wordle Unlimited – Beginners Guide in 2024.

How to play Anti Wordle Unlimited games

In Anti Wordle games, the goal is to avoid guessing the right word of the day as many times as possible. This is like doing the opposite of what you do in wordle games.

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You are given a number of tries and if you are able to exhaust the number of tries without guessing the right word, you win.

That sounds really simple because you are only losing to winning. Well, it is more difficult than you can imagine.

If you want to play Anti Wordle Unlimited, visit in your web browser. You should land on a page similar to the one in the image below.

Anti Wordle Unlimited - Beginners Guide

You have five boxes and you are to guess five letter words that can fill them but use only letters that are not in the mystery word. The letters will be entered using the onscreen keyboard.

The colors

The most difficult part of this game is the function of the colors. There are three colors each with its own meaning.

When you predict a letter that is not in the mystery word, that letter is greyed out and it also means you can not use that letter again.

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If your letter gets a yellow backdrop, then it means you have found a letter that is in the mystery word. Except it is not at the right position in your word as it is in the mystery word. In all your next guesses, you must repeat that letter else you cannot proceed. It doesn’t matter the position you decide to put it in.

If your letter gets a red backdrop, it is locked. It also means the letter is in the same position as in the mystery word and in your next guesses, you can not change the position of that letter.

So far, this is one of the very difficult games if you ask me. The moment those letters get locked in place, it is like “Game Over”. This is the unlimited version so you can play multiple times within a day.

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