10 Best Educational Software For Your Computer

By | August 19, 2020

There are numerous computer software out there for education and these are some of the 10 Best Educational Software For Your Computer today — to enhance learning activities with technology.

Your computer is not just a hub of entertainment and games. You can also do lots of learning in today’s era of digital learning and endless possibilities.

However, learning or taking up any educational activities on your computer can be especially confusing since there are thousands of software out there promising to deliver educational values to the end-user.

So, in effect, after making the difficult decision of learning on your computer, you still have to go through the stress of discovering which application works for you best.

This may be a daunting process for many computer users who would rather entertain themselves with a movie or a game than waste the whole day finding educational software from a list of thousand others.

This article is practically a full-proof solution to your problem if you are in this situation. Here, we provide you with a list of 10 educational software you can download and use on your computer.


Wikipedia is the world’s biggest reference platform with over 2 million articles published in all languages available in this world. So for a list of students’ software, Wikipedia should be part. Fortunately, it found its way to the number one spot on our list.

Anytime you need answers to some questions, you know you can always count on Wikipedia for some good dose of information. You should download this application on your computer.

My Study Life

The only way to be successful in any life endeavour is by knowing how to manage your time and work within time whenever there’s the need for something to be done. This is, however, a big problem for most people. Time-tracking is a heavy task if not appropriately approached. But this shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. My Study Life helps you keep track of time and lets you manage your schedules effectively to meet every schedule as planned.


For all your inspirational, motivational and thought-leadership speeches, TED is the home of everything speech and it is just fair that they have a PC app which complements their YouTube channel, their website and mobile applications. The TED app has thousands of videos recorded from various TED Talk sessions available for streaming on the app.


Reading is a central part of learning, even in the presence of video tutorials and sound recordings. Kindle provides the platform for you to download, buy and read Ebooks. Kindle comes with lots of features and tools which make reading on the app very easy and fun. You should have this on your list.

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is one of the world’s leading online learning platforms with thousands of videos, pre-recorded audio, ebooks and other resources which make learning any subject at all very easy and interesting. This app works fine for everybody seeking to learn any employable skills or acquire general knowledge through studying online.

Math Lab

Are you seeking a simple but useful platform to aid you with your Mathematical studies? Well, Math Lab is the number one recommendation in the area of Mathematics. Math Lab helps you solve all your Mathematical equations and problems in general, using some interactive approaches and general logics.


Wordweb is the ultimate thesaurus and dictionary application you can use on your computer today. It is a wonderful application which can be used offline to find the meaning, antonyms and synonyms of words and phrases. It can also be used in the online mode to find more complex words which are not readily available in the offline mode.

Google Earth Pro

With Google Earth Pro, you have a comprehensive tool for all your geographical research work and information regarding all important places in the world. It gives you pictures, history and exact location of places of interest as well as other important features which are generally good for people seeking self-education on such topics.


The V-Smart application is a powerful application which provides the platform for students, teachers and educational managers to create a steady and practical study environment in the online ecosystem for learners. It comes with an E-books reader, games, streaming platforms and other relevant tools for learning and teaching.

Typing Trainer

Willing to improve your typing skills and to stand a better chance at completing typing tasks quicker than anyone else? If yes, then this application is definitely for you and you should not relent on getting it on your computer. It is a fun-packed and expressly free way of learning and improving upon your typing skills in a short time. You can become a pro if you use this app effectively.


Today, very few people go to actual classrooms to learn yet so many people are learning every single day. This is only possible because of the infusion of technology into the educational system. People from all walks of life can now study on their computers, right from the comfort of their homes.

Here’s all you may need to know about the — 10 educational software you can install on your computer. There may be other software similar to those listed in the article above, however, these are the ones we have tried and tested, and deem fit to be used by any other person.

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