How To Add Photos To Google Reviews Easily 2021

Welcome to today’s interesting blog post as I educate you on how to add photos to Google Reviews in 2021 at ease.

Despite Google gaining popularity as a search engine for searches via the internet, the search engine platform also allow you to list your businesses and add reviews to them for trust flows — to gain potential customers from online.

Google allows you to also share your photos about business to help customers know the in and out of the business you are running — to be able to locate you easily.

Time flies and I would like to take you through how to add photos to Google Reviews with the steps given below.

How to Add Photos To Google Review on Computer

  • Open Google Maps in your web browser on your Computer
  • Search for the business you want to write a review about
  • Select the business from the left sidebar — once you find it.
  • Scroll and select Write a Review in the left sidebar
  • After writing your review, choose your rating, click the camera icon underneath the text icon
  • Now, kindly navigate to your photo location and select all the photos you want to Upload to Google Review.
  • Click on the blue highlighted “Select” button to upload
  • Click on the post button at the bottom-right of the window to post your review

After going through the steps, your photos will now be submitted together with the reviews given on Google.

Sometimes, leaving a review on Google for a particular business helps other customers willing to transact business understand and have faith with such firm. We shall take a look into some of the advantages of Google Reviews — and why you must give Google Reviews to businesses after having successful transactions with them.

Advantages of Google Reviews

If you are doubting whether Google Reviews are important in running virtual businesses, then you should understand that they are very useful. Google Reviews help businesses maintain their credibility backed with trust — with customers.

Google Reviews help in these ways for businesses to gain credibility.

  • Google Reviews increase brand credibility online
  • Google Reviews expand business online exposure
  • Google Reviews increases Local SEO
  • Google Reviews help convert more customers for your brand

Since Google Reviews are very important to business trust, there can also be individuals that may decide to write fake reviews about your business to condemn your brand without any reason. One major reason can be due to competition with such individual.

You can follow the steps given below to flag any fraudulent reviews on your Google My Business profile.

How To Flag Any Fraudulent Review On Your Google My Business Profile

With this tutorial, there are several ways you can do it — if someone writes a bad review about your business and it’s not true. You can either do this via your smartphone or on your personal computer.

How to Flag Fake Reviews on Mobile Phone

  • Open Google Business App
  • Tap to Customers and click on Reviews
  • Select the inappropriate review >> tap on the three dots next to it
  • Select Flag Review

Now, you are done with how to flag fake business review on your Google profile.

How to Flag Fake Reviews on Computer

  • Sign in to Google My Business
  • Select Reviews from the menu
  • Locate the review you want to flag or report and click the three vertical dots next to it.
  • Select Flag as Inappropriate

You are done with how to flag fake or fraudulent review on your Google My Business profile today.

In summary, having a good review is much important for your brand awareness — and Google Reviews are there to increase your credibility online. Make good use of your Google My Business profile and let others give you reviews on it.

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