How Facebook Account is Hacked – Methods to Which Facebook Account is Hacked [2021 Guide]

By | June 23, 2021

How Facebook Account is Hacked – Methods to Which Facebook Account is Hacked.

I can believe you might have heard someone complaining of a compromised or hacked Facebook account. As the majority of people believe this is not possible, I will demonstrate to you, various ways an attacker can use to get your login details without struggling for it.

Facebook hacking is actually one of the easiest to do and everyone out there can do it. By this, I will say you should read this article for educational purposes only and not for anything illegal as it can easily get you behind bars if you are caught.

In our today’s article guide, I would like to give you some of the ways of which a Facebook account is hacked and how possible you can prevent this — from hackers or spammers online.

These are the confirmed Methods of Hacking you should know and be aware of today.

There are a lot of ways to go about hacking Facebook account. I will be listing some very few ones here which you give it a try.


Phishing is a common attack that is very easy to and anyone with a basic knowledge can do this. This method is carried out by making a similar webpage like Facebook page login.

A trusty fake Facebook login page will be created. This will look exactly like the original Facebook login page and this should be linked to a database.
Ones your target inputs their username and password wanting to login into Facebook on this fake webpage, their credentials will then be sent to the database attached to the fake login page. The hacker can then access your login detail in clear text from the database. Attackers use tool like Zshadow, Shellphish and various others for doing this kind of attacks.

To avoid getting phished, you should only visit or type your credentials in websites which have HTTPs as its initial protocol.

Always check that the domain name spelling is exactly the same as the actual domain.
You should never log into webpages which are sent by people you don’t know.


When a keylogger is installed on the target’s computer, they store everything the target types, it captures all the keystrokes of a keyboard. This is known as keylogging.

The hacker will receive everything including the credentials of their target for as long as the keylogger exist on the victim’s computer. They are several tool for performing this form of attacks including Refog Keylogger and various keyloggers available online.

To prevent this form of attack on your device, it is always recommended to ensure you run anti-virus that are able to detect malwares and keyloggers on devices.
If possible, you can use virtual keyboard when using a public computer.

Session Hijacking

In this session hijacking, the hacker hijacks the session of the target and steal the targets HTTP cookies which mostly contains login details of the target. By having this information, the attacker is able to log into the target Facebook account and cause any damage they want. This particular attack mostly happens on WIFI and LAN connections. Burpsuite is one of the tools which works perfectly for this type of attack and it is a very dangerous tool which I can actually confirm.

Having a good antivirus is good and will protect you from this attack and ensure the antivirus program is updated.

Social Engineering

This is a way the hacker finds to play with the target’s mind using words in other to get the details they want and later unpuzzled the information to crack the Facebook login details.

This is purely the presence of mind and sharpness of the human mind. There are tools which assist the attacker in effectively performing the social engineering. An example is the Social Engineering Toolkit. This tool is very handle and has various options to trap your target.

To protect yourself from social engineering, you should never share your credential with anyone.
Also, avoid interacting much with people you don’t know or who are anonymous.

You should be smart and never disclose your phone number, date of birth, ID card number and other personal information with untrusted entities.

If you have enjoyed and learn on how to hack Facebook account, please share this article to your friend and families to be aware of this kind of attack.

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