Facebook Set To Launch A New Coronavirus Information Center

By | March 20, 2020

Facebook Set To Launch A New Coronavirus Information Center.

The popular social media platform, Facebook is set to launch a new “coronavirus information center” that will be made visible at the top of people’s News Feeds, Mark Zuckerberg made the confirmation to us. He then disclosed that — new center is the most recent feature Facebook is releasing as part of its plan to promote helpful information about the virus from governments and health researchers in an attempt to curb misinformation on the platform.

Facebook Set To Launch A New Coronavirus Information Center

His words, “The top priority for us has been making sure people can get access to good trustworthy information about the outbreak from reliable sources. We’re seeing hoaxes that are encouraging people who are sick to not get treatment or to not protect the people around them … we’ve seen one hoax that encourages people if you’re sick to drink bleach.”

Mark Zuckerberg in addition stated that, one major focus is to ensure the new information center informs and directs users to adhere to government recommendations regarding social distancing.

He continued, “We need to make sure people honor this.”

This is how major tech company like Facebook helps to fight the pandemic coronavirus.

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