2019 In Review: The Life, Expenses, Profit And Loss As Founder Of ICT Catalogue

By | December 31, 2019

2019 In Review For ICT Catalogue: The Life, Expenses, Profit And Loss in review and all that you need to know today.

The year 2019 has almost come to an end as we’re about to enter the New Year, thus, 2020 and I wish you a Happy New Year in advance.

In the first place, I am ATIGATE and that’s all you may need to know now and hopefully you might get to know the meaning and the other names attached and you can keep reading on 2019 In Review For ICT Catalogue.

The Expenses To Mention:

The Pizza Life — 2019 In Review

I’m not a regular fan of Pizza though but sometimes, man has to chill small and enjoy.

2019 In Review: The Life, Expenses, Profit And Loss As Founder Of ICT Catalogue

Time At The House– 2019 In Review

Life at the house used to be fun but most at times, a lot of expenses do involve. Just take a look at the picture below clearly to clarify yourself for how many Pre-paid Electricity units bought during the year in Accra.

Huh? I guess that’s what they say Life at Accra isn’t easy and so it is.

I can’t really tell whether I am the Second-In-Command at Kitchen or the main chef but in all, kitchen is another place I used to be after the Blogging Lifestyles.

Advertisements (Expenses) For ICT Catalogue

I don’t have much to say today regarding the advertisement for ICT Catalogue though but a bit to mention. The Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more traffic generated via Google Search as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. Google AdWords adverts that’s worth $450 within 5 months to get exposure for some geo-targeted places, Facebook Ads which is worth $500 spent to trend posts on this blog as a tech blog in Ghana.

Profits on ICT Catalogue

A lot achieved as AdWords converted, Facebook Ads, SEO and more direct referral from some backlinks to mention. Per auditing for the changes between the expenses and profit, much gained and ICT Catalogue is by grace going far according to statistics.

The Internet Lifestyle — 2019 In Review

In terms of the internet lifestyles, I have a lot to talk about. Blogging, the web development, graphic designing and and more. Most friends I do have with are all internet marketers, thus — Blogging, Web Developers, Programmers, Affiliate Marketers and CPA Marketers in total.

The internet lifestyle has brought about the era in meeting some people in my life I never knew I could meet them for any reason to say.

Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe of Esiama.com, JB Klutse of JBKlutse.com, Shepherd Yaw Morttey of Mfidie.com, Iddris Sadik Debabs of Zone3Tech.com, Derrick Agyei, Ernest Connect of VitalGist.com (brothers), Qweku Mingle, Samuel Amadotor of DKlassGH, Ibrahim Abubakar Jimbah of GhanaThings, Gustav TK of GustavTK.com, Kofi Cephas of GHGossip, Israel Boafo Bansah of Legon Connect, Papaga Bless of CelebritiesBuzzGH, Freddie Mawuli, Jagbesie Jnrdegree Jibriel of GHKasa.com, Hope Kwabena Akpabli of VertexMediaWeb.com, Frimpong Prince of EonlineGH.com, Van Route of Route233.com, Sampson Gaddah of TheNewsGod.com, Eric Elikplim of Africavarsities.com — those are all friends I have met before and more to talk of, that I cannot recall but might add them later as my internet friends I have met in personal before.

Also, more to add in addition to my internet friends are: Isaac Brown-Yawson of Brown GH, Afia Sarpong of Afia English and, Emmanuel Yaw Danso — founder of Borla Daakye.

All thanks to God for he’s the reason for all these bless and wealth. Hard-work, smart-work and consistency also pays anyway but it’s the blessing of the Lord that makes man prosper in all and I thank Him for all.

I’ve come to realize that without mankind, I’m nothing and such is why I do appreciate and be thankful to all. That’s why I do humble myself to each and anyone I come across and appreciate you.

Though the temptations and the problems might come, I do try my best to conquer and win upon all in this.

I am Emmanuel Atigah, the founding editor @ ICTCatalogue, ATIGATE by nickname, a passionate web designer, a writer, beginner programmer, tech enthusiast, Web Admin @ VitalGist, GhanaThings, VertexMediaWeb and more.

As I am taking my time to write this 2019 review, it all depends on the investment and the hard-works I have committed to — both in the tech and the entertainment era in general.

With all days awake and the embracement, 2019 has been a good year for me in general and I thank God for that since all the years that passed hasn’t be so good for me like this.

In such, I have sub-categorized some of the lifestyles and activities in 2019 as though I may not be able to say all.

The Life I spend — Everything That You Need To Know.

The beginning of 2019 was when I moved from Kumasi to Accra, and somewhere in March during my birthday was when I created my the tech blog in Ghana, ICT Catalogue and have been able to maintain the domain in the Ghanaian blogosphere.

After setting up the blog, got Google AdSense approval successfully after 2 weeks of application though I have gotten in shorter days like 1 week, 3 days and 8 days before but the 2 weeks for the approval of ICTCatalogue’s AdSense was like a Goldmine to mention to you.

In addition, 2019 is almost closing its curtains and I just want to thank God for the life, air, friends and money to buy food, clothes, Data Bundle and blogging career in total — that’s the domain ICTCatalogue.com and its hosting.

Notwithstanding, I hereby write this post also in a wish to apologise to any toes I might have stepped on. We’re all humans, and “To err is humanto forgive is divine” and such is why I ask that please forgive me in everything. The Life, Expenses, Profit And Loss As Founder Of ICT Catalogue.

Thank you all once again as we ride into 2020. I pray for God’s favour and grace to break into bigger boundaries. Happy New Year | Wish you people a happy New Year and stay blessed. On behalf of ICT Catalogue, we love you all. 2019 In Review For ICT Catalogue.

Published in my ICT Diary on ICT Catalogue as a Tech blog in Ghana.

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