Writing Your First Blog Post and A Must For Every Blogger

By | March 4, 2019

Writing Your First Blog Post and A Must For Every Blogger.

First Blog PostWriting your first blog post and a must for every blogger is very very necessary and that is why I welcome to ICTCatalogue.com as a passionate tech journal with interesting blogging and tech updates over the web.

I published an article recently on my first blog post, My First Post on ICT Catalogue.com As A Tech Blog which I stated everything as needed to know by our regular visitors as fans. In this article, it’s clearly stated how this blog is going to be running based on article publishing, user interface, navigation and brand-wise.

To each and every blogger, be it newbie or pro blogger, the most confused aspect after setting up your blog and its customization is what post to publish first as an article. After creating your blog, the best needed is what to publish first as your blog post and such is why I am launching this article to brief you as a newbie or pro blogger in the world of blogosphere.

ICT Catalogue is a tech blog that is going to focus on updating you more and more on the reason why it’s created, thus everything technology. ICT is a broad subject and the concepts are evolving. ICT as a keyword is purely based on technology and Catalogue as subordinate keyword means a complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order, in particular. That’s where you can find blogging as a sub of technology aspect.

Most people confuse today as they don’t know what to write about or what to publish first as your blog post when a blog with vision or focused is created. As the topic says, I will like to state in sub-headings for your understanding.

What Should Your First Blog Post Be About?

Hmmmm! The most confused aspect as one becomes confused on what should write first on your blog after you’re done with your design.

So, now that you’ve (hopefully) got the foundation on how to create your first post and what should you write about on your blog, this the time to come out with what you’re going to write about based on your blog.

While there shouldn’t be hard and fast rules as in what you need to write about on your blog as first post, it’ll be good if you take your time to plan things out and here are some listed approaches to go through

Three-pronged approaches recommened by ICT Catalogue:

These are the 3 simple approaches to go through as guide and thus, going through this is going to give you better understanding of what to write first as your blog post and how to go about it in terms of planning.

Introducing yourself: Take time to introduce yourself as who you are then to the business you’re into. Keep in mind that you starting out with a personal story based on interest and hobbies to “hook” readers into your post, then talking to them about how and reason why you started your current business.

Educate people on your blog’s purpose: There are a lot of blogs out there with each one having its own purpose and educating people on your blog’s purpose is going to help them know why they should keep coming to your blog. Keep this in mind as a blogger and you are good to go.

Answer these key questions: Why did you start your blog? What do hope to achieve through it? Who are you writing for{me, friends, specific people}?

In a summary, try addressing on the problems of your targeted audience, issue or pain point: It’s time to prove to your targeted readers that you really understand what they’re dealing with, and that you can offer possible solutions to their problems.

Need a little inspiration to get started?

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