How To Renew Your Drivers License Online in Ghana

By | August 4, 2022

After reading this article guide on How To Renew Your Drivers License Online in Ghana, please you can check and drop your opinions about the other ways someone could renew their Driver’s License online in 2022.

Hope you are aware that you can access the services of DVLA of Ghana Online right?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana in a way of providing a solution — for drivers in doing away with middle men regarded as goro boys, the authority then launched an online platform since 2019 for drivers to register for their Drivers License online the convenient way in Ghana.

As a way of digitization, the online portal will help interesting people willing to register for their vehicles to speed their number plate acquisition throughout the country. Read more here

This post particularly about how to renew you Drivers License online in Ghana, we shall brief you on — the cost of renewing your Drivers License in Ghana, Types of Driving License in Ghana, finally, how to renew your License online via the DVLA online portal and you can check them below;

Cost Of Renewing Your Drivers License In Ghana

Approximately, the cost involved in renewing your License 1 costs GHS 45.00 of which the renewal fee for License 2 costs GHS 105.00

Types of Driving License In Ghana

Ghana is having over 6 types of driving license that are available for drivers which are:

  1. A — License for Motorcycle drivers in Ghana
  2. B — The license for minibuses drivers, pick up drivers of which the vehicle can contain 1-15 passengers.
  3. C — For bus and moderate goods drivers. Such vehicles must contain 1-45 passengers
  4. D — For Buses, coaches and heavy duty drivers of which buses must contain 1-65 passengers.
  5. E — The license acquired by drivers who can drive industrial equipment such as bulldozers, harvesters, forklifts and more.
  6. F — For drivers who can drive heavy carrying vehicles; articulators and others.

How Does One Qualify To Apply For Driving License in Ghana

  • A person who is 18 years and above
  • A basic education (BECE) is a must have, adult education or be able to read and write.
  • You must pass the 48-hours training with a DVLA authorized driving school to enable you get your driving license.

The Drivers License should be processed for you in a period of two weeks respectively.

After getting your drivers license which is valid for two years — starting from the date it was issued, one has to renew his or her driving license and with this, the online process is what can help you get everything done within some couple of time.

Documents Required Before renewing Drivers License

  • Applicant must be present
  • Expired License
  • One coloured passport-sized photo

The information below walks you through how to renew your Drivers License online in Ghana and everything explained. But if you haven’t register for DVLA online portal before, then check How To Register For DVLA Online In Ghana here.

How To Renew Your Drivers License Online in Ghana

  • Just visit the web portal
  • Select Driver Licensing
  • Select Renewal Of Driver’s License
  • Click “APPLY ONLINE” after the brief information about the requirements and the procedure.
  • You will be redirected to the sign-in page, sign in or sign-up if this is your first time.
  • On the portal, continue with the renewal of your license by following the steps and guides given on the website, also make sure to provide accurate details.

With the online portal invented by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana, this initiative has helped by making it easy for drivers to renew their driver’s license online without relying on middlemen, nor joining queue at the various DVLA offices.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority head office Accra


1 Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Accra, Ghana


(233) 030-2746760
(233) 030-2746763


[email protected]

DVLA Website

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