Why Is Google Docs So Slow On My Chromebook

By | December 16, 2022

Whatever you’re doing on a slow computer, it will continue to be slower unless you take into consideration the factors that cause it. To speed up your computer, it’s important to identify the cause of the slowness and locate remedies that will do so

You’ll discover some of the main causes of google docs lagging on your Chromebook in this post, along with some tips on how to speed it up.


Why Is Google Docs So Slow

Below are some of the reasons Google Docs runs so slow on your device.

Browser add-ons and extensions that clash.

A small piece of software called a browser extension allows you to personalize a web browser. You get more functionalities as a result. Grammarly is one browser add-on that has a history of making Google Docs lag. When they build up, they may make the application slow as you type.

Google Drive Uses RAM When in Offline Mode

This advice is for you if you observed that “Background Page: Google Drive” is using a lot of RAM. Your Chromebook is probably sluggish because you have a lot of documents on your Google Drive. Google is syncing your papers for offline use, which explains why. A user with a small number of Drive documents wouldn’t be as aware of this.

Incompatible system hardware

Google Docs will operate slowly if your computer has insufficient RAM or a single core processor.

Big file editing

There’s a chance that the document you’re trying to edit is huge, which often makes Google Docs lag. Low system requirements may be to blame for this, which will make it difficult for your PC to handle the task without difficulty.

How To Fix Google Docs Running Slow

Here are a few techniques for speeding up a sluggish Chromebook.

Ensure that your browser is current

You must  ensure that your browser is constantly updated because Google Docs relies on a browser. When working on your online documents, you can use Google Chrome for optimal compatibility, but other browsers, such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge, can also be utilized.

Disable your browser addon, if possible

You could be using a number of extensions, such as the Grammarly extension that you installed from the browser store. While these extensions can give your browser more functionality, they can occasionally slow down Google Docs by affecting how it functions.

Checking The Google Docs Settings

You must go to your Google Drive Settings to correct this. Go to drive.google.com, choose “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you may edit offline,” and then uncheck “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer.”

Boost Your Chromebook’s RAM

Your computer’s RAM is crucial, and it directly affects how well your Chromebook works. The number of apps and browser tabs that can be open at once depends on the RAM. You might want to think about freeing the RAM if it seems like you’re utilizing it excessively.

To launch the task manager, concurrently press “Esc” and “Search.” Here, you can see which tabs and applications are using up your RAM and take appropriate action.


Your browser’s cache and cookies should be cleared

When using Google Docs, you can start to eliminate your browser’s cache and cookies to make it run more quickly. The accumulation of data from multiple websites on your browser can frequently cause things to slow down, mostly if the data is out-of-date or corrupted. You should try deleting this data from your browser and see if that makes a difference in how Google Docs works.

Avoid working on really huge documents

There is a potential that typing on Google Docs will lag or take longer than usual if you are working on documents with more than 100 pages of material. This is due to the fact that your edits are constantly stored, and the big file size could result in problems with the back end.

A Chromebook update

It can lag if you’re using an old version of the Chromebook. If so, you might want to upgrade it to the most recent version. It’s a good idea to attempt even if you’re unsure whether an old system is a problem.

Go to the device settings on your Chromebook to update it. Simply select “Check for Updates.” The computer will display “Update Available” if your system needs an upgrade, allowing you to carry out the update. If the prompt indicates that your Chromebook is up to date, though, it may be because it is no longer able to receive updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Come My New Chromebook Is So Slow?

If it’s not an entry-level machine with a subpar processor, a new Chromebook shouldn’t slow. The sluggishness could also be brought on by a poor internet connection. If the Chromebook is being utilized, think about performing a powerwash to remove all unnecessary files before utilizing the system.

How Can I Speed Up My Chromebook?

By removing unused Chrome apps and extensions and refraining from opening too many tabs at once, you may speed up the performance of your Chromebook. Avoid filling the RAM to the point where there is lag. Store files in the cloud for later use.

The speed of Chromebooks compared to laptops

Compared to laptops, chromebooks are more affordable, have a longer battery life, and are safer. When performing easy chores that increase productivity, they are fairly responsive. These little devices lack the power of laptops, though.

Will a Powerwash Chromebook Speed Up?

If your Chromebook is running low on storage, a powerwash should improve its performance. You should be aware that when you reset your Chromebook, your Chrome extensions will be installed again, and if you have too many of them, they can slow down your machine.

Why Is My Chromebook Sluggish After an Update?

There’s a significant probability that you’ll receive buggy updates far too frequently if you’re in the Chrome OS Dev or Beta channel. A lagging Chromebook can be one of the costs associated with the newest features if you are testing it for regular users.

Are Chromebooks Really Fast?

As with any other type of computer, there are budget-friendly and expensive models of chromebooks. In contrast to pricey Chromebooks, which frequently run very quickly due to the presence of cutting-edge components built for speed, entry-level Chromebooks might be a nuisance to use due to the pace.

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