Why Is Google Docs Lagging

Google Docs is a fantastic product that offers assistance to millions of users worldwide. It has greatly expanded our ability to quickly and easily generate, modify, and distribute word documents online.

Many capabilities that Google Docs provides enable users to carry out and complete any work they desire. But even with all of these advantages, Google Docs has some drawbacks.


Among them is Google Docs Slow Large Document or Google Docs Lags during editing. This lag makes using documents more difficult and slows down its functionality.

In this guide, we will be looking at the causes of lagging in google docs and the ways to fix it.

Why Is Google Docs Lagging

Below are some of the reasons Google Docs runs so sow on your device.

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Browser add-ons and extensions that clash.

A small piece of software called a browser extension allows you to personalize a web browser. You get more functionalities as a result. Grammarly is one browser add-on that has a history of making Google Docs lag. When they build up, they may make the application slow as you type.

Heavy multitasking

Your browser can use the majority of the memory on your computer if there are numerous open tabs or sites. Other applications may eat up memory and processing power. To check if the browser becomes faster, try closing some of them.

Incompatible system hardware

Google Docs will operate slowly if your computer has insufficient RAM or a single core processor.

Big file editing

There’s a chance that the document you’re trying to edit is huge, which often makes Google Docs lag. Low system requirements may be to blame for this, which will make it difficult for your PC to handle the task without difficulty.

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How To Fix Google Docs Running Slow

The things you need to do in order to fix Google docs running slow have been outlined below

Ensure that your browser is current

You must  ensure that your browser is constantly updated because Google Docs relies on a browser. When working on your online documents, you can use Google Chrome for optimal compatibility, but other browsers, such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge, can also be utilized.

Disable your browser addon, if possible

You could be using a number of extensions, such as the Grammarly extension that you installed from the browser store. While these extensions can give your browser more functionality, they can occasionally slow down Google Docs by affecting how it functions.

Your browser’s cache and cookies should be cleared

When using Google Docs, you can eliminate your browser’s cache and cookies to make it run more quickly. The accumulation of data from multiple websites on your browser can frequently cause things to slow down, mostly if the data is out-of-date or corrupted. You should try deleting this data from your browser and see if that makes a difference in how Google Docs works.

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Inspect the hardware of your PC

When utilizing an older computer, you will encounter the Google Docs so slow problem. Expect things to perform slowly if your machine is an ancient dual-core Intel Pentium with little RAM. Heavy multitasking is not something that this computer is good at. You might think about using a more contemporary computer setup

Avoid working on really huge papers

There is a potential that typing on Google Docs will lag or take longer than usual if you are working on documents with more than 100 pages of material. This is due to the fact that your edits are constantly stored, and the big file size could result in problems with the back end.

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