How To Center An Image In Google Docs

By | December 16, 2022

Your google document may seem better visually if you add photos to it. You’re likely to locate an image that meets your needs because Google Docs uses Google Search to find and deliver images for you to select from. You may upload an image if you wish to utilize one of your photos.

Laying out a document that contains both text and images can be difficult. In Google Docs, you may insert an image in a fixed position to guarantee that it remains on the page in that location and is not obscured by text or other elements.

Users can choose a quick layout, a specific location for the image, or even move it to the page’s top left corner. In this post, we will be looking at how you can center an image in google docs.

In Google Docs, how to center a picture

In Google Docs, center a picture by following the procedures listed below.

  • You should first center the image in your Google Docs document before inserting it.
  • Place the mouse pointer over the location where you want to put the image. TapĀ  the appropriate option where the image is available by clicking the Insert menu, Select image, and then Select.
  • Reduce the width scale to 50 pixels or less or greater, depending on your needs, by selecting the image and clicking on the image settings button.
  • Select the Wrap text option after expanding the Text Wrapping node.
  • Expand the Position node after that, choose the option to “Fix position on page,” and then click “Quick layouts,” choosing “Center.”
  • The image is now located in the document’s center in Google Docs.

looking for pictures

It’s vital to understand that nearly all of the images Google Docs finds will be someone else’s whenever you search for an image there. Google tries to limit the results to only free Creative Commons photos, but it is crucial to visit the image’s source to confirm the copyright license.

The steps below shows how you can search for image in Google docs.

  • Select the insertion point in the document where you wish to put the image in order to search for it.
  • Select Insert > Image > Web search.
  • Select the “Web Search” button
  • There will be a search pane on the right side of the window. After entering the desired search term, click Enter.
  • using the function of “Search the Web” to look for an image
  • Analyze the search engine results. Click Insert after choosing the desired image.
  • choosing a picture, then clicking insert
  • The document will include the image.

Select the image you want to remove, then use your keyboard’s Backspace or Delete key to do it.

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