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By | March 12, 2023

Videly Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Videly.

Videly is a digital marketing tool sold online through

The tool sends targeted traffic to your website even if you don’t have backlinks, pay for ads, or know anything about SEO.

Does Videly work in real life? How does Videly work? In our review of Videly, you’ll find out everything you need to know.

What’s Videly?
To increase views for your offers, local business, videos, or blog, Videly, a traffic generation tool, uses YouTube.

The tool says it will work without you having to spend money on ads. You also don’t need to know anything about SEO or do anything to learn it.

Instead, Videly advertises itself as a cheap way to get top rankings and a steady stream of visitors who are interested in your websites and videos.

The price of Videly is $47. You can only buy it from, where all purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s easy to say that you can get more traffic and rank higher, but does Videly have the results to back up their claims? How does Videly work? Let’s look more closely.

Features and benefits of Videly
The following features and benefits are said to be available from Videly:

Made after reverse-engineering the Google and YouTube ranking systems
Finds untapped keywords that buyers are using
Brings in visitors for free from Google and YouTube
Get more views, viewers, subscribers, leads, and sales.
Works in English and any other language, in any niche, and is 100% white hat.
works even if you don’t know SEO, how to build backlinks, how to write content, or how to pay for ads.
To put it another way, Videly claims to be the all-in-one traffic generation solution that anyone can use to drive free, targeted traffic to their online properties.

How do you use Videly?
To drive targeted traffic to your online properties, Videly uses YouTube’s ranking system.

You find keywords, put them in the title, description, and tags of a YouTube video you make, and then use that video to send traffic to your website.

When you search for certain words on Google, YouTube videos show up near the top, even if they haven’t been seen much or are new. In some niches, if you have the only video in that niche, you can rank higher than older, more established sites.

A well-optimized YouTube video will also show up near the top of YouTube search results. When someone searches for your keyword on YouTube, they will see your Videly-optimized video before the videos of your competitors.

Anyone can do this on their own, but Videly uses a proprietary system to find competitors’ videos, find their weak spots, and tell you how to beat them in search rankings. Videly tells you the exact tags, titles, and keywords to use in your description and titles to rank higher than your competitors in that niche.

Videly sends targeted traffic to your website in three steps, as follows:

Step 1: Look for keywords that are profitable.
Create the title, description, and tags in step 2.
Step 3: Upload a video, then paste the title, description, and tags.
Once you’ve done that, the rest of the work is done by your video. Your video is on YouTube, where it gets views and sends traffic to your website that is specifically targeted.

“The traffic potential in SEO is absolutely crazy,” say the people who made Videly. By making a video for the front page of a niche that gets a lot of traffic, you can send a lot of targeted traffic to whatever you want.

The company says that the old way of getting traffic is no longer effective: you don’t have to build hundreds of thousands of high-quality backlinks and check on them every day. Instead, you make a YouTube video with the right keywords, then sit back and watch traffic flow to your website.

What’s the point of YouTube?
In order to generate traffic for Videly, YouTube is essential.

Google owns YouTube, which is pretty clear. The two platforms go together well. Google directs traffic to YouTube and quickly adds new YouTube videos to its index.

Videly uses this connection to send targeted traffic from YouTube to your website.

Videly says that some of the good things about YouTube are:

Google and YouTube instantly index your video. Instead of waiting for search engines to index your backlinks, you can watch as Google and YouTube index your video right away. YouTube is obviously indexed much more often than other sites, so your video will show up in search results faster.

Higher Rankings Than Websites: Google puts some videos at the top of search results, even if those videos aren’t as good as the websites that come after them. Google has started showing videos next to the rankings of websites in the past few years. Using this system, you can drive free traffic to your website.

YouTube is like Google’s little brother: Videly says that YouTube is the “baby brother” of Google. So, the company says that YouTube videos give Videly “an unfair advantage over regular website rankings.” Google wants to promote YouTube, so it moves YouTube videos to the top of search results, even if the videos aren’t very good.

Appear on Google and YouTube: When you make a YouTube video that ranks at the top, you don’t just show up at the top of Google’s search results. You also show up at the top of YouTube’s search results. If you use Videly, your video will be at or near the top of YouTube when someone types in your keyword.

Videly Backward The YouTube and Google Ranking System were developed.
The ranking system used by Google and YouTube, according to Videly, has been reverse-engineered.

When you buy Videly, you can use the information the company has gathered. Anyone can make a YouTube video for a small niche and watch free traffic come in. But Videly gives you the best chance of getting high search rankings by making the right title, description, and tags.

Here’s what Videly has to say about it:

“We figured out how YouTube and Google rank videos! We were determined to find out exactly what the Google algorithm likes and doesn’t like when it comes to ranking videos.

Videly researched things like:

How many similar keywords you should use in your description
How many views, social signals, and other things a video needs to have before it shows up in search results
How often should the main keyword appear in the title?
The most important things YouTube considers when ranking videos
Videly says anyone can use this system manually, but optimizing a single video takes hours. Videly optimizes videos quickly. It’s a quick way to market videos.

Videly: How to Use It
Videly pushes free traffic to your online properties using the same three-step process described above. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how Videly’s process works:

Step 1) Find Untapped Keywords. Videly looks at all of the keywords that your competitors are targeting, and it then shows you which keywords they are using to get the most traffic. You can see how many competitors there are in a niche, how many times each keyword is searched for every month, and how easy or hard it will be to rank for those keywords.

Step 2) Autopilot SEO Optimization: With just one click, Videly analyzes the videos of your rivals, finds the weak spots, and then automatically takes advantage of them. After a few seconds, Videly gives you titles, descriptions, and tags that are perfectly balanced. Videly’s research shows that this combination should get you to the top of the search results for that niche.

Step 3: Copy, paste, and make money. Copy and paste the tags, title, and description keywords that Videly suggests into YouTube before uploading your video. Google and YouTube will quickly add your video to their search results, and lots of people will watch it.

Overall, Videly claims to be the best traffic generation method for anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge of SEO or digital marketing.

Videly Costs
The price of Videly is $47.

Videly can be bought online at, which sends you to Clickbank to finish the transaction.

Free updates for life come with everything you buy. Videly is a cloud-based tool, so it can be used on any device that can connect to the internet (although the developers recommend using Chrome).

Two free bonuses are included with every purchase:

Bonus #1: Private Live Training Session: You get a VIP invite to Videly’s private live training session, where you can watch a real video marketing agency use Videly to dominate rankings.
Bonus #2: 5-Minute Video Creation Session: This 5-minute session shows you how to make high-converting visitors to drive traffic to your website and offers.

Refund Policy for Videly
Videly has a 30-day refund policy to back it up.

Within 30 days of the date you bought Videly, you can get your money back in full. If you don’t like Videly for any reason or if the tool doesn’t bring you the traffic you were hoping for, you can get your money back in full.

Who Created Videly?
Online at, Videly was developed by the digital marketing software company Blaster Suite.

The tools and software that this company makes for digital marketing include Live Event Blaster, Video Marketing Blaster, and Thumbnail Blaster, among others.

Blaster Suite does business as both Draguescu Vlad PFA and Blaster Suite.

The company’s online form can be used to get in touch with you. Usually, they answer in two hours.

Email Form:

Last Word
Through YouTube, Videly, a digital marketing tool, drives free traffic to your website.

The software finds profitable niches and keywords and tells you exactly what to write in your YouTube description, title, and tags to dominate that niche. It then lets traffic flow to your video and offer.

Videly costs $47, and you can get your money back within 30 days.


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