How To Type Exponents On iPhone Calculator

By | March 13, 2023

Great cellphones with many features are iPhones. They make good navigation systems, writing, browsing, and other computing chores possible. They also make fantastic cameras.

They also perform well as calculators, however most users are unaware of all the functions available in the iPhone Calculator.

Numerous people don’t take advantage of the ability to calculate exponents as they are unaware of how to do so. This post will go through how to utilize exponents on the iPhone Calculator as well as other helpful hints and features.

Where is my iPhone’s calculator?

Most iPhones keep their calculator in the “Extras” or “Utilities” folder. To start the calculator, click this folder and select the calculator app. You may also enter “calculator” in the phone’s search box to access one.

The iPhone calculator’s exponents

The simplest way to get exponents on your iPhone is to use the exponent calculator feature.

Calculator for iPhone: Exponents – Scientific Calculator (Landscape Mode)

How to Disable the iPhone’s Portrait Orientation Lock

You must first disable Portrait Orientation in order to access the scientific calculator on your iPhone and do exponent calculations. To disable Portrait Orientation, take these actions:

Step 1 To open the Control Center on your iPhone, scroll down on the display.

Second Step: Portrait Orientation is selected if the Screen Orientation symbol is red. As a result, when you spin your iPhone, it won’t immediately turn to Landscape mode.

Step 3 To disable Portrait Orientation, hit the Screen Orientation icon in your Control Center. The symbol will turn white, and a notice reading “Portrait Orientation Lock: Off” will appear on top of the control panel to let you know.

As such, your iPhone’s screen will now switch to landscape mode if you flip it sideways. You may now do exponents on your iPhone.

Using iPhone in landscape mode

When using your iPhone in landscape mode, you can do exponents. To perform exponents on the iPhone calculator, adhere to these instructions.

Step 1 Get your iPhone’s Calculator app running. You may start the calculator on more current iOS versions by pressing on its icon in the Control Center.

Step 2 The program will launch by default in portrait mode. In order to use your iPhone’s scientific calculator, you must now turn your device to landscape position.

Step 3: Your iPhone’s scientific calculator will come with a lot of novel buttons and choices that you may use to perform calculations beyond than simple addition and subtraction.

Utilize the x2, x3, or xy to execute exponential functions. For example, to square 9, press 9, then x2, and lastly the equal sign (=); the result will appear on the screen.

Use x3 instead of the same approach to find a number’s cube.

The “EE” function can be used to calculate when the exponent is 10x, where x is either a negative or positive value. The EE approach, for instance, can be used to calculate 89 x 10-5.

To perform exponents on an iPhone using the EE feature, proceed as follows:

Put in the base number, which is 89 in our example.

Hit the “EE” button.

Type in the exponent; in this case, it is -5.

Toggle the equal symbol on. Your response is the number that displays on the screen.

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