How To Get A Paypal Account And Verify With Visa Card In Ghana

By | June 6, 2023

How to get a Paypal account and Verify with UBA Africard in Ghana

Paypal account has been a burden to some people especially from African countries that are limited from using paypal account. Each and every day, a lot of people used to think about how and where they can get a verified paypal account to make transaction.

Create Verified Paypal in GhanaI believe you might be in need of a paypal account for making transactions via online and thus; either sending or receiving funds to withdraw. Before you can believe that a paypal account can work in Ghana here without changing your IP address, you first of all need to change your mindset that paypal is difficult to create because with this, you can get a verified paypal account in Ghana and manage it without the need to change your IP address.

Gone were the days we are told to change our IP address by using VPN to create a new paypal account but with the advancement in technology and the help of internet gurus, everything is possible and a verified paypal account can be created in Ghana without using a VPN.

Features of this account

  • Sending
  • Receiving funds
  • Withdrawals

Recommended cards you can use to verify your paypal

Before you head over to getting a PayPal account, first of all go for one of these cards mentioned above to be able to verify your PayPal account to raise the limitations set on newly created paypal accounts.

After getting your visa card from any of the recommended banks, make sure to deposit a minimum amount of GHS15 in your account.

What to get for this service:

  • Get a legitimate paypal account in Ghana without changing your IP address
  • Verify your PayPal account with either UBA Africard or Fidelity card
  • Raise or lift the limitation from your PayPal account
  • How to fund your PayPal account
  • How to withdraw from your PayPal using any of the above Visa card

You can read our articles on how to create a verified PayPal account or better still, you can contact me to create your Ghana working PayPal account for you for a small token (charges apply).

Contact me through: 055-300-7506

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