How To Transfer Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Ecobank Account In Ghana

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As Ecobank bank account user, it is mandatory to know more about How To Transfer Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Ecobank Account In Ghana.

As part of Financial Technology implemented in our day to day financial transactions, you can now sit from the comfort of your living room and send money as deposit to your Ecobank account or withdraw money from your Ecobank account using Mobile Money.

MTN Mobile Money is one of the mobile money services in Ghana you can rely on — for sending money, receiving money, purchase of airtime and data bundles, Pay bills and any other third party payments.

Before the days of Mobile Money in Ghana, one has to walk from a distance to any bank nearby before depositing money into his or her bank account. But today, thanks to the application of Financial Technology (FinTech) — since you can make deposit from your mobile money wallet to bank account, and also withdraw from your bank account to any mobile money service you are using as well.

Since the introduction of mobile money services in Ghana, hardly will you see people joining long queue to deposit or withdraw money at the bank. Now, you can sit from the comfort of your home and deposit money into your bank account, or withdraw money from your bank account at ease in Ghana.

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I remember my first time I had wanted to deposit money into my Ecobank account in Kumasi, I had to pick 2 cars before reaching the nearest Ecobank at the Suame branch. All my desires were to sit at home and have any simple method of depositing into and withdrawing money from my bank account — and thanks to the rapid advancement of technology since I can now make use of my Mobile Money to do that.

In today’s article guide, I shall teach you more about How To Transfer Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Ecobank Account In Ghana Easily.

About Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank Ghana is a commercial bank in Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator.

Ecobank Ghana PLC (Ecobank) was incorporated on January 9, 1989, as a private limited liability company under the Companies Code to engage in the business 

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EBG is a member of the Pan-African Ecobank chain which operates in thirty two (32) countries. The stock of Ecobank Ghana is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, where its shares are traded under the symbol EGH. The bank is a fully networked commercial bank in Ghana with branches (total of 77 as of December 2016) in almost all regions of the nation.

Now, after knowing more about Ecobank Ghana — we shall get to know the steps involved in depositing money from MTN MoMo to your Ecobank account number.

How To Transfer Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Ecobank Account In Ghana

  1. Dial MTN Mobile Money menu — *170#
  2. Select Option 5 — for Financial Services
  3. Select Option 1 — for Banking Services
  4. Select Option 1 — for Transfer to Ecobank
  5. From the list of Banks from the Pop up Menu, choose option 8 for Ecobank
  6. Enter your Ecobank Account Number
  7. Enter the Amount of Money to be transferred
  8. Enter Your Pin to Confirm
  9. After entering your MOMO Pin, the amount would automatically be deducted from one’s account by Ecobank Ghana.
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The amount will be deducted from your MTN Mobile Money account as soon as money has been deposited into your bank account.

Ecobank Ghana will send you an SMS to notify you that the amount has been deducted from Mobile money to Ecobank Account successfully.

Should you face any difficulty about How To Transfer Money From Your MTN Mobile Money To Ecobank Account In Ghana, kindly drop your problem using the comment box below.

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