How To Fix .Dll Files Error

By | April 24, 2021

One of the most annoying problems you can encounter on your computer is the .dll files error.

This error usually appears when you try to open an application, especially a video game.

The computer will generally display that the program you are trying to open cannot open because some of the .dll files are missing.

Most people do not have any idea about this error and look puzzled whenever they see it. They wonder the sort of problem that the computer could be indicating.

The DLL file means dynamic link library, and it is a shared library of instructions that are usually used by two or more computer programs.

The programs on the computer are divided into different modules, and the DLL files contain these.

Mostly the ones which are common among most programs. The .dll helps the system with the code modulation, reuse of code, lower disk space, and memory efficiency.

It allows the programs on the computer to run faster as well as efficiently.
When a computer program makes use of a DLL file, it causes it to create a dependency.

And when its content gets changed from being used by another program or somehow deletes the DLL file, the first program’s first dependency then gets broken.

This error causes the first program that is using the DLL file to stop working. Thus, the .dll file error rears its head when this happens.

There are several ways to fix the error when the computer tells you that the .dll file is missing from your computer.

However, before we get down to how you can solve the problem, we will caution people on one error they mostly fall into when trying to fix this error.

Many people have made this mistake before, including me, well before I found the correct fixes.

Never download a .dll file from the internet to replace the ‘missing’ one. Because the file you download to replace the ‘missing’ one may have malware embedded in it, you will not know that once you open the file on your computer, the malware then takes over your system, and you end up with another set of problems.

Also, the one you download may not be compatible with the requirement of your operating system. That is, if it does not come with malware. Your problems will only increase if you take this route.

In my today’s article, I would like to give you How To Easily Fix .Dll Files Error On Your Computer easily.

Here Are Some Of The Legit Ways Through Which You Could Be Able To Solve The .Dll Missing File Problem.


One of the first remedies to try is to restart your computer. You may have to do this several times before it could work. The restart of the computer can fix some cache problems. You may even have a forced restart, but that could end up solving the problem.

Restore Deleted files

It could be possible that you may have accidentally deleted the files from the computer by yourself. Looking through your recycle bin could prove a good task as you could find it among all the ‘debris’ sitting there awaiting final execution to Valhalla.

Sometimes, the .dll file may have been corrupted before it got deleted, so restoring it may not work. But it still worth giving the recycle bin search a try and see what happens.

Scanning your computer

Malware on your computer could cause the problem by creating additional .dll files that mess with the original ones on the computer. Scanning your computer with antivirus software could clean the malware and restore the .dll files.

Restore system

You can restore your computer to fix this error. However, you will have to reinstall some of your programs again.
This step Is not the best-recommended solution but one you can use when all else fails. Restoring the computer system will fix the missing .dll file error since it will revert the computer to factory settings.

Update Drivers

You can also fix this error by updating the drivers on your computer system. This may be because an older version of the hardware is not compatible with the .dll files on your computer. Updating your drivers should do the trick in this case.

Update Windows

Some windows can change the .dll files and make them unavailable when another file wants to use them. Updating your windows can help fix the error.

It will also end up improving the performance of your computer as well.
So this article was about what a .dll file error and the easy ways to fix it.

These .dll errors are common and can appear on any machine. We hope you will improve it should it rear its head on your device with the steps laid out in this article.

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