Surfline GH To Give Out Free Data Packages And Here’s How To Enjoy

By | September 6, 2019

Surfline GH To Give Out Free Data Packages And Here’s How To Enjoy.

Surfline Ghana.

The 4G network provider in Ghana, by the name Surfline Ghana is giving out a free data packs to interesting customers. To this, according to Surfline Ghana, this is a new package gifts “to stretch a hand to help you complete everything you’re doing via the internet” and Ghanaians love it.

Surfline GH To Give Out Free Data Packages And Here’s How To Enjoy

This interesting and new data package brought by Surfline Ghana is there to help you enjoy browsing in such that you can complete whatever you’re doing when out of data bundle.

What’s The New Package Called?

With this new internet package by Surfline Ghana, this is called Surfline Extra Time Offer and it goes by its name as it’s there to give customers the free 1GB sponsored data to accomplished whatever you doing online when out of data bundle. Most people doubt whether they’ll be deducted when they subscribed to new data package as this may be some kind of borrowed data that Surfline Ghana will be giving them to pay later.
Haaaaha! This is not a kind of borrow-to-pay later bundle but rather a free data that is given by Surfline Ghana and you will not be deducted later from your next recharge at all. I think it’s best to know the data plans for Surfline before we talk more about this.

Surfline Data Plans To Know!

With customers who are on the Surfplus (All weather) bundle are those to enjoy the Surfline Extra Time Offer packs and purchased any of the bundles with 30 days or more and such is why we bring you the data plans below:

The Surfline Extra Time Offer And How Does It Work?

An SMS is sent to you prompting you that you have exhausted your data and you have been given free 1 GB FREE Extra Time data bundle package from Surfline and that is available for you to use and complete anything uncompleted tasks when browsing.

With the SMS sent by Surfline, it includes a PIN code to be used to redeem the FREE 1 GB data pack and is valid for maximum of 3 hours.

Who Can Qualify For This FREE Data Pack?

This special package is not available for everybody but rather for subscribers that purchase the 30 days and above data are those that can enjoy the Surfline Extra Time Offer on this Surfplus (all weather) bundle plan only.
For Surfline subscribers on the “SURF bundles” (old offer), they have to go for the above Surfplus bundle to enjoy the offer.

Subscribers that do not qualify for this offer include:

• Customers on the business service class.
• Customers on unlimited day and night bundle.
• Subscribers on Unlimited Night bundles.

Redeeming your FREE 1 GB data from Surfline Ghana.

• An SMS will be sent to the user when the usage of the main bundle is at 90% to inform them that they are eligible for the Extra Time Bundle offer.
• An Extra Time One Time Password will be sent to the user when the main data finally depletes.
• Note that the One Time Password is only valid for 3 hours.
• Now the subscriber has to dial *718*77# and enter the One Time Password there.
• If the entry was successful, the subscriber’s account will be credited with the 1GB Extra Time bundle.
• Customers will receive a notification confirming the 1GB Extra Time bundle.


This free data package, the Surfline 1GB FREE Extra Time Offer is only available for 5 hours to be consumed. Anything after this 5 hours in browsing comes with charges and Surfline does not allow rolling over this data bundle. Isn’t this interesting? Kindly go for yours! Here’s all about Surfline GH To Give Out Free Data Packages And Here’s How To Enjoy.

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