The Growth of Digital Marketing In Ghana

By | August 31, 2019

The Growth of Digital Marketing In Ghana.

Recently was when I published an article on Ghana’s status in digital businesses and interesting people dropped their concerns as comments and opinions about it and here I am with another that shows how Ghana is improving in terms of the digital age.

The Growth Of Digital Marketing In Ghana

In terms of talking about the digital marketing in Ghana as another source of employment via the internet, Ghana lacks behind as there’s a lot that average Ghanaians need to learn like never before.

The digital marketing is an open source course for each and anyone since it’s not part of the courses found in our Ghanaian educational system. That means, it is a course anyone can partake via the internet depending on his/her choice of field.

Before we head over to give you more information on the The Growth of Digital Marketing In Ghana, let us first of all know some of the headlines and what they mean to us.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing as sometimes known as Internet Marketing, is the act of promoting digital products for brands using the internet. This happens as means of advertising, marketing or promoting of products or brands using the internet given tools.

Just like traditional marketing of using television, radio or our newspapers, Internet marketing also has its different forms of advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging etc.

Preferred Digital Marketing In Ghana

I have listed so many forms of digital marketing methods in Ghana in the paragraph above and among most of these, I may say the Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization has the best Return on Investment (ROI) in Ghana as compared to any other form of digital marketing method in Ghana. In terms of SEO, you can find PPC on the same level just that SEO does not require money to start like PPC.

Most digital marketers in Ghana do go for the Social Media Marketing as that is what most companies really love since most of Ghanaians really love the social media platforms than any other place on the web.

Digital Marketing Companies In Ghana

Maybe in one of our next article, I can write more and list some of the digital marketing companies in Ghana but for now, I may list few of them here below.

  • SEO Ghana
  • Sidekick Digital
  • Think! Digital
  • Matrix Designs
  • Cliq Africa
  • Sidekick Digital
  • First Digital Impact

In summary, as a blogger, a writer and developer, producing contents to increase a brand’s awareness is what we termed as Content Marketing and I will choose Search Engine Optimisation over Social Media Marketing since the Search Engine Optimization is there for a long term conversion and brings higher conversion rate as compared to other media.

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