Vodafone Made For Me (Made4Me): Made4Me Shortcode, How To Bundle, Offers And Price

By | September 21, 2021

Vodafone Ghana has numerous call offers and data bundle promotions for its mobile network subscribers in Ghana to enjoy moments of making free calls and browsing the internet conveniently as well.

Today, Vodafone Ghana is noted amongst one of the popular telecommunication companies in Ghana having cheaper call and data promotions you can subscribe to — for making longer calls and surfing the web to your satisfaction.

In one of our previously published article, we provided you with list of Vodafone Ghana data bundle and calls promotions and today, own is solely about the Vodafone Made For Me (Made4Me) offer with its bundle code and price.

Despite the fact that we need internet bundle everyday for surfing the web, we also need voice bundle to call our loved ones to share moments of joy with. The Vodafone Made4Me offer comes with options to choose Data and Voice subscriptions.

In our today’s article, I would like to keep you updated about Vodafone Made4Me Shortcode, How To Bundle, Offers And Price in Ghana.

What Is Vodafone Made4Me Offer?

Just from the mobile network, the Vodafone Made4Me offer also called “Made For Me” is a special data, voice or both data and voice subscription package for all Vodafone prepaid customers daily from Vodafone Ghana.

The call and data bundle package change each day, depending on the status of the Vodafone SIM card you are using, with other exciting offers suggested for you under the Vodafone Made 4 Me offer.

Now, let’s get to know how we can activate the Vodafone Made4Me offer easily.

How To Activate Vodafone Made4Me Offer in Ghana

The Vodafone Made For Me (Made4Me) offer is simple and comes with affordable prices for both data and voice subscription package.

To activate this Made4Me offer, you can follow the steps below for more.

  • On your mobile phone, dial *5881# or *530#
  • Choose either data, Voice or both data and voice subscription
  • From the list of offers to choose from, select the package with its correspondent price
  • Press 1 to confirm

Now, you will receive an SMS from Vodafone Ghana confirming your subscription successfully. You now have your Vodafone Made 4 Me offer subscribed to — and comes with some days before its expiration.

Vodafone Made 4 Me Bundle Offers in Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has several data offers that are interesting to its mobile subscriber internet lovers.

You can see from the list when you dial the Vodafone Made4Me offer shortcode with their correspondent prices for you in Ghana.

In summary, Vodafone Made for Me gives 5 GB worth of Data for 4 Days at the price of GHS 5. To activate this offer, dial *5881# on your Vodafone network. Make sure you already have at least GHS 5 worth of airtime on your account. If the offer appears, select it to subscribe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Vodafone Made For Me Offer

Vodafone 5 cedis for 5gb for 7 days code

The Vodafone Made for me offer gives you varieties of data package, and you can get Vodafone 5 Cedis for 5GB for 7 days when you make use of the Vodafone Made4Me offer code.

Vodafone made for me hack

The only Vodafone made for me hack is the short code, *530# with more Vodafone bundle packages in Ghana.

Is There MTN made for me code?

Well, we are yet to find out for you regarding the MTN made for me code for you in Ghana.

Vodafone 2 cedis offer code

The Vodafone 2 Cedis offer code is the same as the Vodafone Made 4 Me offer code by Vodafone Ghana.

Vodafone 3 cedis for 2gb

Vodafone M4M gives 2GB worth of Data for 2 Days at the price of just GHS 3 in Ghana.

Vodafone special offer code Ghana

The Vodafone Made For Me (Made4Me) offer is part of Vodafone special offer code in Ghana.

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