Standing Fan Prices In Ghana 2022

A standing fan is a typical household device that is used to cool an area. It is essentially a standard fan mounted on an adjustable pole that is coupled to a base, and it has at least three wind speed settings.

If you are in Ghana and need a standing fan or want to know the price for a standing fan in Ghana, then this article is the best for you.


In this write-up, we will list the price of some brands of standing fans in Ghana. We will also talk about the models of those various brands of the standing fan.

What Are The Brands Of Standing Fans In Ghana?

There are many brands of standing fans in Ghana. Below are some of them.

  • Nasco
  • Binatone
  • Deton
  • Midea
  • Rowenta
  • Toshiba
  • Aardee
  • Smartmi
  • Westpool
  • Delron
  • Elbee

How Much Does Standing Fan Cost In Ghana?

Nasco FS45-31 18 inches 3-in-one Industrial FanGhc
Midea FS40-18BR Standing Fan with remoteGhc
Binatone 26 inch Industrial Standing FanGhc 910.00Goodluck Africa
Toshiba 16 inch Remote Control Standing Fan (F-LSA20(W)AF)Ghc 599.00Goodluck Africa
  Ardee Standing Fan 16 inch Pedestal Fan AR-1601 PFGhc 249.00Goodluck Africa
Deton 26 inch Heavy Duty Commercial Standing FanGhc 749.00Goodluck Africa
Binatone Heavy Duty Industrial Fan 30 inch HDF -3020Ghc 957.00Goodluck Africa
5 Blades Pedestal Fan 16- inch- AR- 1650PFGhc 249.00Goodluck Africa
Binatone A-1695 Standing Fan with Remote Control – 16 inch BlackGhc 533.00Goodluck Africa
Smartmi 2S Floor Fan 7 Blades Pedestral App Control 100Ghc 7,
Smart Dc-motor Pedestal Fan, Patent with Changing with TempGhc 898.00Ubuy Ghana
Simple Deluxe Oscillating 16? Adjustable 3 Speed Pedestal Stand FanGhc 649.00Ubuy Ghana


A standing fan is a typical household device that is used to cool an area. However, we have shown the prices of some brands of Standing Fans in Ghana in this article.

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