How To Upgrade/ Downgrade Dstv Package In Ghana

By | April 28, 2022

Multichoice Africa( the owners of DSTV) provides users with a diverse selection of channels that include sports, movies, reality shows, documentaries, news, and more.

These channels are bundled into bundles so that subscribers can pick and choose what they want to watch.

Customers can choose their preferred plan from Dstv, and you can upgrade or decrease your DStv package at any time.

You may occasionally desire to view a show that is only available on a different package than your current package, in which case you must change your package. These packages Dstv offers its subscribers, Dstv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, Dstv Compact, DStv Family, and Dstv Access.

You can upgrade your DStv package from Access to Premium, and at the same, you can downgrade from premium to access at any time of your choice.

Changing your DStv package is simple and takes only a few minutes. We present to you this comprehensive guide to assist you in a few simple steps.

Let’s have a look at how you can upgrade or downgrade your DStv subscription.

Is it possible to upgrade DStv for a day?

No, you cannot upgrade Dstv for just a day because when you wish to upgrade your package, the system calculates the difference between your current subscription expiration date and the date you want to upgrade your package, and you cover the difference to upgrade your subscription.

Is it possible to update my DStv for a month?

The DStv service is a monthly prepaid service; once you pay your subscription, your contract for that month is locked in.

You can increase your DStv bundle to watch a single athletic event or see a specific show at any moment, then downgrade on your next payment period.

How Long Does It Take To Upgrade DSTV Package

Upgrading or downgrading a Dstv package is instant. Once you submit your request, your package changes immediately.

How to Change Your DStv Package (Upgrade or Downgrade)

  • Visit the DStv self service page:
  • Log in with your SmartCard Number and your phone number or surname.
    Click the Account button > Add or Change button on your account dashboard.
    You now see your current package as well as a variety of additional DStv subscriptions.
    Click Next after selecting the new DStv package to which you want to downgrade or upgrade.
    You will be transferred to the DSTV payment portal after receiving a Payment summary. 
    To make a payment, choose your favorite payment platform and fill in the required payment information.
    Wait 2-3 minutes for your decoder to start viewing after a receiving approval.

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