Slow Internet Connectivity Issues Resolved – MTN Ghana.

By | January 19, 2020

Slow Internet Connectivity Issues Resolved – MTN Ghana.

MTN Assures Customers That Connectivity Issues In Ghana Are Being Resolved.

The recent internet connectivity issue in Ghana and some parts of Africa has been causing a headache to most internet users as a results caused by the “undersea cables” issues.

This issue caused Ghana To Face Slow Internet Speed After “Undersea Cable Failure” which several reports came concerning what happened and detailed information outlining some of the progress made by the mobile networks regarding fixing the issue of the submarine cut.

Today being Saturday, January 18 was when MTN Ghana reported to its subscribers across the nation that there is ongoing restoration to the mobile data connectivity issues and fixed approximately 50% so far about the slow internet connectivity issue.

The submarine cut causing the slow internet connectivity as we know affected almost six operators in six West African countries and beyond, has really affected our internet service over the past two days.

MTN Ghana now confirmed to Ghanaian subscribers concerning their efforts made so far in improving the slow internet issue to a faster internet connectivity and assures subscribers with a short note.

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“Yello valued customer, kindly be informed that user experience of our data services have significantly improved. We have currently fixed 50% of the issue. Works are still ongoing to achieve 100% restoration of our data services. We will continue to work tirelessly on fully resolving the mobile data connectivity issues in the shortest possible time. We will provide further updates of progress. Thank you for your patience” – MTN Ghana.

Finally, MTN Ghana has fully restored our internet connectivity issue and announced to the general public. Ghanaians are now happy about this as we can now browse or surf the web, stream and do more on our MTN 4G+ connected network.

Slow Internet Connectivity Issues resolved - MTN Ghana

In summary, Slow Internet Connectivity Issues resolved – MTN Ghana and here’s all updates you need as provided by ICT Catalogue as Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal.


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