How To Search For Jobs In South Africa

By | April 5, 2019

I believe you are the unemployed candidate out there who has been finding out How to Search for Jobs in South Africa today.

Then this post has more for you with how to go about in finding for jobs in South Africa, how to apply for jobs in South Africa and more jobs in South Africa that pay you high salary.

South Africa as the town of Mandela today, is becoming a place for foreigners to settle, work and it is always good to learn how to search and apply for jobs in South Africa.

Before sending applications for South African work permits, foreigners must produce evidence of their job offers.

Now you may be asking: How do you search for jobs in South Africa when you are so far from the country, and only know a few people?

Well, there is no need to fret over anything. Nowadays, foreigners seeking South African jobs are entreated to begin their searches online. It would be a bad idea to think that you can begin your job search after landing in South Africa.

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Preparing in an advanced is one of the key to conquer the job market in South Africa with your skills today. Assuming you are able to get some job offers, the next thing you want to do is to send in an application for a work seeker’s permit.

How to Search Jobs in South Africa

One of the best ways to search, find and apply for jobs is to use South African Job Search websites to get job alerts and placements.

I have list of South African job search websites for you here:

South Africa Job Search Sites

  • Jobdirecta South Africa

Online Classifieds and Newspapers

Some online directories function as recruitment agencies linking job seekers to employers. Examples are:


Recruitment Agencies

In South Africa, you can also search for jobs on the following websites.


Trade Unions

The following trade unions and organizations can also be your best partners when you are looking forward to landing a South African job.


How To Find a Job in South Africa as a Foreigner

Should it be a case that you cannot get employed in South Africa if you are a foreigner and does not know anyone in SA?

No, this should not be a tangible reason that disqualifies you from getting that your dream accounting job, software engineering job, computer programmer job, Database Administration job, networking job or System Administration job.

Using Google to Search for South African Job Opportunities

There’s no way you can conduct that complete search about how to find job in South Africa as a foreigner — without using the popular search engine giant by Alphabet Inc, Google.

With either your computer (Laptop or Desktop), smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows or Symbian), an internet user should be able search for jobs in South Africa using Google Search engine.

Recruitment Websites In South Africa.


This is an amazing online recruitment site. Here, you can find jobs across the length and breadth of South Africa.


A wonderful South African job search engine.


A great search engine for hunting jobs in South Africa and the world at large.


It is one of the best sites for checking out the South African Job market.


Provides useful info on SA job opportunities.

  • za

Surely worth exploring the employment opportunities in SA.


This site is quite different from what you were expecting. Anyway, it’s a huge classifieds website that also features job lists.

Using Business Directories to Search for South African Job Opportunities

Business directories are also best platforms to find the legit or authentic dream job posted online. Using South Africa business directories is a useful tool to tailor your job search procedure. Always keep in mind that, not all the companies will find time to patronise recruitment websites in South Africa or South Africa job portals.

So it is advisable for job seekers to look for companies on business listing websites where they can filter search results to their specific industry and then directly visit company websites that are readily available on top business in South Africa including relevant contact details. While on the company websites, you can visit their career pages to see their open job vacancies in South Africa. If no they live jobs exist, an additional step is to send speculative job applications to the company. Speculative applications give you the opportunity to sell your qualification, skills, and experience to the company.

It also creates a sense of proactiveness which can potentially create the first impression to get invited for an interview or being placed on a waiting list once related job opportunities in South Africa are available.

The Job Market in South Africa

There is big money in the South African economy. But did you know that unemployment numbers are also big in South Africa?

Yes. That’s the dark side of the African Job Market. As of 2015, the unemployment rate hit 25% in the southernmost African country.

So what makes you think that you can easily get a job in South Africa? Ok! Let’s say your unmatched skills and qualifications tell you so.

However, the truth is that South Africa is far from being the heaven you think it is. If you are that guy who wants to avoid manual work, then running to South Africa may not be a solution.

In SA, there is a large number of both unskilled and unskilled laborers. It’s important to understand the nature of the job before you leave for greener pastures.

Despite the fact that South African employers prefer to hire their own citizens, foreigners can get South African jobs if they meet the critical requirements.

The government’s SGI-SA program (Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa) spells out these requirements.

The rule is that a foreign job seeker must be formally educated and has up to 5 years of relevant work experience under his belt.

Other South African Job Requirements

It is very important to keep note to some of the other requirements to be having that will make it easier for you to get employed in South Africa — without any stress. Applying for a job in any country in Africa comes with having more skills and the required qualification.

Language Skills and Qualifications

In South Africa, the home of Mandela, there are over 11 spoken languages. But the English language is mainly used in the job market, media, and politics.

Knowledge of the Afrikaans language will be an advantage. South African employers don’t just accept any qualifications you present.

The government has mandated the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as the body responsible for examining the qualifications of foreign job applicants who want to work in SA.

The good news is that applicants can submit their qualifications online for cross-checking to see if they are recognized by the government.

Wrapping Up

Having the right skills, qualification and following the basic requirements above can be an assured way of getting your job in South Africa easily.

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