How To Reset Your Apple ID Password

By | November 25, 2020

Resetting your Apple ID Password has now become easier, by the help of application of technology.

In order for one to get the most out of Apple’s services, an Apple ID is an essential prerequisite. From Apple Music, to the iTunes Store, the App Store, and iCloud — having an ID is very much important.

As with anything that has to do with human memory, there’s always the possibility that you may forget some important login information — such as your password.

If you happen to forget your Apple ID password, you don’t need to enter panic mode, thankfully. You can reset it using some pretty straightforward steps. And since Apple can’t tell you what your current Apple ID password is, you’ll have to completely reset it. Here’s how to go about doing that.

1. Reset password using Account Recovery

In case your device is lost or stolen meaning you don’t have a trusted or safe iOS device nearby, you can request an Account Recovery to enable you reset your password. This method gives you access to your account while denying same to any would be impersonator. However, depending on how much information would be needed to prove your identity, the process could take a couple of days.

On iForgot or iOS, while going through the steps to reset your password, you should see the ‘Request Account Recovery‘ option. Now do the following:

— Enter a recovery number which you can be reached on when your account is ready. Now key in the verification code sent you to authenticate your information. After getting verified, you’ll be sent a confirmation of receipt of your request; and you’ll be contacted once your account is ready.

You’ll be contacted via text or phone call once your account is ready.

— Now, while logged on to iForgot, enter your Apple ID, and confirm the recovery number ( used in step two). You’ll then be sent an Account Recovery code either via text message or phone call. Enter that code in the provided field on iForgot.

— You’ll be taken to a new page after you click ‘Continue’. There, you can make a new password, verify your trusted phone number, and then sign in.

2. Reset password using Apple ID account page

While logged on to, click ‘Forgot Apple ID‘ or ‘password’ at the center of the page.

— You’ll be redirected to a new page from where you’ll enter the email address associated with the account. Click ‘Continue’, and then “I need to reset my password”.

— Choose your preferred method of resetting your password; which is either via email or by answering a set of security questions.

— Going with the email option would prompt Apple to send instructions to the primary email address you used for the process, or, if you have one, a rescue email. Be sure to check your ‘Spam’, ‘Junk’, or ‘Trash’ folders if you can’t find the email. If necessary, repeat the steps to have the email sent again. Opting for the security questions would require you to confirm your date of birth as well as answer specific questions before you’d be able to create a new password.

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