How To Register For DVLA Online In Ghana

By | March 5, 2020

How To Register For DVLA Online In Ghana.

Did you know you could access the services of DVLA of Ghana Online?

It’s simple as you just need to create an account and apply for any of the services.

The issues sometimes involved in the registration of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority of Ghana are so annoyed in such that, you can be delayed for the whole day until you pass through these Goro boys.

The DVLA in a way — of providing a solution for drivers in doing away with these goro boys, the authority then launched an online platform since 2019 for drivers to register online the convenient way.

How To Register For DVLA Online In GhanaAs a way of digitization, the online portal will help interesting people willing to register for their vehicles to speed their number plate acquisition throughout the country.

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How To Register For DVLA Online In Ghana.

This post aims at guiding you through how to register for DVLA online in Ghana — and here are the steps involved.

  • Visit the portal,
  • Click on “signup free” at the bottom of the Sign-in page.
  • Select individual in the popup menu
  • Under the Basic Information, fill-in your details.
    • Your title (Mr./Mrs)
    • Select Your Gender (Male/Female)
    • Enter your date of birth (Day, Month and Year)
    • Place of birth
    • Surname and First Name
    • Employer’s Name (eg. Self Employee, GRA, ECG)
    • Choose nationality and enter your middle name (if available)
    • Previous name (in case you’ve changed your name before)
    • Select ID type (Voter’s ID, National ID, Health Insurance, SSNIT or Passport)
    • Then enter ID number and click on Next

Contact Information

  • Enter your postal address in the box column
  • Enter town of the postal address in the city column (eg. Lapaz – Accra)
  • Choose your region from the 10 provided regions
  • Enter e-mail address
  • Enter the name of your area in the “suburb” column (Eg. Gbawe-Weija)
  • Enter your street address and house number
  • Enter your primary and secondary phone number and click on Next

Under Account Credentials Tab

  • Enter a username you can easily recall
  • Enter a strong but simple to remember password
  • Repeat password and click on Next

Next is a display of page showing all the details you have entered in the previous pages. kindly go through to confirm the details you’ve entered and click on next page.

Your portal will open after the previous step and then you can access all your services.

Now, Print out or write down the invoice that is generated and submit to any DVLA office for the process to be continued — for the issuance of your DVLA card.

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