How To Register For AirtelTigo Magic Number For Free Morning Calls For 6 Months

By | April 29, 2022

The AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 months helps you make unlimited talk to friends and loved ones conveniently in Ghana.

An AirtelTigo Ghana subscriber would have to activate the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months in Ghana.

We all need airtime call credits to call family and friends each and every morning, to check up on them and see how they are doing.

In the era where airtime for calls and data bundle packages is very expensive, we all need cheaper call bundles and data bundle from AirtelTigo Ghana.

What Is AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer In Ghana?

If you are living in Ghana, you should have heard of the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer as AirtelTigo Magic Number that allows you to make free calls for 6 months.

As a subscriber to AirtelTigo Ghana, this subscription allows you to make that free calls every morning to your loved ones for the next six (6) months in Ghana.

AirtelTigo Ghana gives you free unlimited on-net calls for a limited period of time (5 am to 10 am) — to make that call and an addition of 100 MB worth of data bundle for free to surf the web.

Not only that but AirtelTigo gives you the chance to do free AirtelTigo Money transfers to any AirtelTigo Money (ATM) subscriber as part of its Mobile Money service.

If you are curious in knowing more about the AirtelTigo free morning offer, this is available for only AirtelTigo to AirtelTigo calls within the hours of 5am and 10am.

Any phone call you make after the hours specified will be charged by the normal call rate of AirtelTigo Ghana.

All new AirtelTigo customers in Ghana who registered their new SIM cards have the chance to enjoy one-month free morning offer — after activating their SIM card in their phone.

AirtelTigo Magic Number Code

This part gives you a clear overview of the AirtelTigo Magic code for subscribers in Ghana. The AirtelTigo Free Morning Calls code for subscribers is the AirtelTigo Mobile Money short code *110#

How To Be Eligible For AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer

Unlike other mobile networks that you would have to meet some criteria before becoming eligible for an offer, the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer requires no criteria before you can enjoy the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer in Ghana.

Both old and new AirtelTigo subscribers in Ghana can enjoy from the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer today from the hours of 5am to 10am.

Register For AirtelTigo Magic Number For Free Morning Calls For 6 Months

A complete steps on how to activate the AirtelTigo Free Morning Calls for 6 months is here to walk you through with the easier guide.

Unlike other Mobile telecommunications operating in Ghana, the AirtelTigo Free Morning is available for both existing and new Ghanaian customers.

Old AirtelTigo Subscribers In Ghana

If you are a subscriber to AirtelTigo Money (ATM) in Ghana, you are ready to activate the AirtelTigo Free Morning Calls now.

  1. Dial the AirtelTigo Mobile Money short code, *110#
  2. Select the option 2
  3. Choose the GHS 2 package
  4. Pay with AirtelTigo Money wallet

New AirtelTigo Subscribers In Ghana

  1. Purchase a New AirtelTigo SIM Card
  2. Register your AirtelTigo SIM Card with your valid ID (Voter’s ID, Ghana Card, Passport or Driver’s License)
  3. Ask the agent to register for AirtelTigo Money (ATM) for you
  4. Make a transaction with your AirtelTigo Money (ATM)
    • Transfer Money
    • Purchase Airtime
    • Purchase data bundle
    • Do AirtelTigo Money (ATM) Cash out

AirtelTigo Ghana will prompt you via SMS once you are qualified for the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer.

Let us know if you face any challenge in subscribing to the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer as a subscriber on your mobile phone.

All Questions Answered About AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer

AirtelTigo Magic Number Code

The free morning offer is available for only AirtelTigo to Airtel Tigo calls during the allocated time between the hours of 5 am and 10 am. Existing AirtelTigo customers can activate the offer by dialing the AirtelTigo Free morning offer code *110#, select option 2 and purchase the offer using your AirtelTigo Money wallet.

Tigo Special Number Code

The AirtelTigo Special Number code is *123*5# that allows you to talk to one favorite Tigo number for a long period of time at a lower cost. You can choose your daily, weekly or monthly packages and talk more to that special one.

how to activate airteltigo number

To activate your AirtelTigo number, you should go to any AirtelTigo Vendor and provide some details and valid documents such as; full name, date of birth, sim number, and ID card (Ghana Card, Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License or NHIS.

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