How To Open A Payoneer Account In Ghana 2023

By | July 31, 2023

In terms of making payments for online transactions, we both need a valid Master Card, Visa Card or Credit card to complete our online purchases.

In Ghana, Fintech has advanced by making it easier for anyone to apply for a Visa card from any legal bank operating under the laws of Bank of Ghana.

You can apply for a Visa prepaid card as well from banks like First Atlantic Bank, United Bank For Africa, Access Bank Plc, Ecobank Ghana etc. – for your online transactions.

Sometimes, we may try to purchase items from a particular location and Ghana visa cards might not be accepted there – of which we might need a foreign Master card to make these purchases from Ghana.

With this, Payooner has become the fintech savvy for many digital marketers, to be able to make any foreign transaction. You apply for a Master Card with a Payoneer account and get your card delivered for you here in Ghana that can be used for any online purchasing and receiving funds.

In my today’s latest article, I will like to teach you How To Open A Payoneer Account In Ghana 2023.

What is Payoneer Account?

Payoneer account is the account that is opened online and operate it virtually from the comfort of our room. Payoneer is known to be one of the best and fastest way of receiving money from other countries if you happen to be living in Ghana.

The best payment gateway solution for freelancers, online business owners, bloggers for sending and receiving money online across the globe.

Payoneer In Ghana

If you are an internet marketer, you probably need a Payoneer account in Ghana – for your online transactions.

Payoneer is available to all Ghanaian internet entrepreneurs that are above 18 years.

Payoneer account is free in Ghana and comes with an issued card that will be shipped to your address in Ghana provided.

Payoneer MasterCard works on any ATM Machine found in Ghana – that accepts Visa Card, MasterCard, Credit Card and Debit Card. Some banks such as Ecobank Ghana, Ghana Commercial Bank, Stanbic Bank, UBA Ghana – and the rest have their ATMs accepting Payoneer MasterCard in Ghana.

In my today’s latest article, I will like to teach you How To Open A Payoneer Account In Ghana 2023 without taking any stress locally.

How to open a payoneer account in Ghana

  • Visit the Payoneer website,
  • Register for your Payoneer account
  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter your contact details for the Payoneer account
  • Enter your Local Bank Account Details
  • Verify your Payoneer account
  • Payoneer will give you a bank account

You will be issued a Payoneer MasterCard (shipped to your address at no extra charges)

 Now, you can use Payoneer account for any online transaction that requires a bank account and also use your Payoneer MasterCard when it’s shipped to Ghana.

Payoneer Transaction Fees and Rates in Ghana

Just like the way Banks in Ghana charge individuals for operating their account for them, Payoneer also charges a yearly amount of $29.90. Other charges incurred can be the $1 per ATM withdrawal transaction in Ghana. Local bank ATMs will also deduct some fees per withdrawal transactions.

You can check below for withdrawal transaction fees per bank in Ghana.

Payoneer ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees in Ghana

  • Stanbic Bank ATM – GH¢25
  • Ecobank Ghana ATM – GH¢15
  • Ghana Commercial Bank ATM – GH¢15

Anytime you make a withdrawal with any of the listed ATMs in Ghana, the Bank takes a transaction fee.  ATM cash withdrawal charges can range from GH₵15 to GH₵50 depending on the Bank you use.

Payoneer Cash Withdrawal Limit in Ghana

Payoneer has a limit to how much one can withdraw in a day using the Payoneer MasterCard. For new users, You may be given up to GH₵400 withdrawal limit per day. The default withdrawal limit for most users in Ghana is GH₵3000 a day.

It should not be so hard to get a Visa or MasterCard that can help you receive money globally. Payoneer is here to help you – so you can do legit internet business in Ghana.

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