NFL Wordle Unlimited – NFL Player Guessing Game

NFL Wordle Unlimited also known as Weddle Unlimited is a guessing game where you guess the mysterious NFL player of the day. The game is interesting and entertaining as well.

If you have been a fan of wordle games, then I know you probably want to play more. This particular game is for NFL fanatics who know almost all the NFL players.

The goal of the game is to guess correctly the NFL player of the week which is automatically selected by the system. There is no limit to which team the NFL player will be picked from so you have to be a die-hard NFL fanatic to be able to guess correctly.

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How to play NFL Wordle Unlimited

The game is strictly online so you must have an internet connection and a working web browser to able to play this game. In the gameplay, the goal is to reveal the mysterious NFL player of the day.

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The game has two modes. Easy mode and hard mode. In the easy mode, you have the chance to predict up to eight times. It means you can guess wrongly up to eight times before you can’t play anymore.

In the hard mode, you have up to 10 chances before you can not play anymore. It means you can only guess 10 times or less.

How to play

  • Visit in your web browser. It is completely free and you do not have to register to access this website. As soon as you open the site, you should see a page similar to the one in the image below.
NFL wordle unlimited
  • If you are completely new to this game, I will advise that you select “Normal Mode” since “Hard Mode” is for more advanced players.
  • You will be presented with the game after selecting the difficulty you want to play. Simply type in the search bar the person you guess might be the mystery player of the day. You have eight chances to guess the correct play. Each mistake gives you a clue as to who the player might be. These clues are indicated with colors.
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The colors

There are two colors you will have to play with. A green color and yellow color.

Green color
The color green indicates that you had the correct answer. For instance, if you have green under “Team” under the selected player with the rest having no color, it means the mystery player plays the same team as the player you just selected.
For example, I selected Aaron Jones and had Green under “Div”. This means our mystery player plays in the same division as Aaron Jones.

Yellow indicates a close match. If you had yellow on “Team” after selecting a player, it means the mystery player has played that team at some point in time. If yellow falls under age or height, also mean the mystery player is a few inches or age away from the mystery player.
However, if you see yellow under the division, then the player is in the same conference as the mystery player but not in the same division.

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If you want a similar game for NBA players, there is an NBA wordle unlimited as well.

Weddle unlimited as the name indicates that this game has no limit. It also means you can play multiple times in a day. Unlike most other Wordle games, this particular one has no limits so you can play as many times in a single day.

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