NBA Wordle Unlimited – Beginners Guide In 2024

By | November 15, 2023

If you are a beginner to the NBA Wordle Unlimited, let me help you get familiar with the game. This information is very relevant even if you already know about this game.

The NBA Wordle Unlimited, known popularly as POELTL is a Dunk Town game that keeps NBA lovers entertained. This game is not the ordinary Wordle game you know. It is a bit different compared to the standard Wordle game.

This particular game allows you to guess an NBA player. You will have up to eight chances to guess the player and when guessed correctly, you win.

It is quite difficult at first but if you are an NBA fanatic and you know the players, it will be very easy. The interesting is you could get a silhouette of the player to guide you. Let us quickly look at how to play the game.

Here is all you would need to know about the NBA Wordle Unlimited – Beginners Guide in 2024.

How to play NBA Wordle Unlimited

Playing this game is very simple. You can play from your computer or mobile phone. Any device that has a web browser and access to the internet should help you play this game.

First, you will have to visit the Dunk.Town website. This is where the game is.

As soon as you land on the page, you have 1 out of 8 guesses to make. So you start by entering the name of the player you think is the current player.

NBA Wordle Unlimited - Beginners Guide

Select the right player from the dropdown list to make your first guess. If your answer is correct, you should see a congratulations message to confirm it. If you do not, you should see some colors to indicate how close the answer is to what you guessed.

Let us take a look at what colors mean and how to use them in your guess.

What the colors mean

There are only two colors that you will see and they are yellow and green. The position of the colors will help a lot with your guess. If you do not understand what the colors I’m talking about are, take a quick look at the image below.

The colors in the photo shows green and yellow. There are other parts that do not have any coloring at all. The colors add meaning to the game and I will explain them.


Green means your selection matches where the color is indicated. For instance, if you select a name and you see green on position but no colors elsewhere, it means the person you selected plays the same position you are to guess.

If you have it on “Team” it means the person you are to guess plays for the same “Team” as the person you selected.


Yellow comes with different meanings depending on where it is indicated. If you see yellow on the “Teams” tab after selecting a player, it means the person you are guessing has played for that team at some point in his career.

Indicating yellow under position means that the mystery person plays that position partially. The yellow color indicates how close you are to correctly guess the mystery person.

All you have to do is to narrow down using the colors to guess who might be closely matched to the person you just selected.

If you are finding it very difficult to guess, you can also switch the silhouette mode. That will also help you make a correct guess.

Here comes everything you would like to know about NBA Wordle Unlimited – Beginners Guide in 2024.

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