MTN Ghana Officially Launches TurboNet For High Speed Internet

By | May 31, 2019

MTN Ghana Officially Launches TurboNet For High Speed Internet. MTN Ghana as one of Ghana’s leading telecommunication networks, has officially launched another internet solution for revolutionalizing high-speed home broadband across the country which is the ‘Turbo Net’ to enjoy the value of internet on 4G+ network.

Officials from MTN Ghana, the CEO, Selorm Adadevoh; General Manager for the Business Unit, Samuel Addo and others all attended the event to witness and address the public about the new product.

MTN Ghana Officially Launches TurboNet For High Speed Internet

Despite MTN Ghana officials, other officials from the government also attended the event including, the Deputy Minister of Communications, George Andah who graced the occasion, The Deputy of Corporate and Consumer Affairs of the National Communication Authority (NCA), and Nana Dufie Badu being part of the officials from the government who attended the event.

According to the Corporate Service Executive of MTN Ghana, Samuel Koranteng, he referred to the MTN Turbo Net as “modern connected world to every Ghanaian”.

From Selorm Adadevoh, the CEO of MTN Ghana, also lauded the Turbo Net device saying it is the first revolution of high-speed home broadband in Ghana.

Furthermore, he added that, “You can purchase the device for as cheap as GHS 300”. With this, you can get a data of 5GB for GHS 20.

The Turbo Net – Importance & Benefits

The MTN Turbo Net has become a plug and play internet router which comes with a high-powered external antenna, a data SIM included that enables the access to fast internet connection. Unlike other network services that require a 4G+ location before you can enjoy the service, it is the ability of the network provider to cover a wide range to enable each and every Ghanaian all over the country to be able to enjoy the fast internet connection at their own space.

As the CEO said, the MTN Turbo Net router only cost GHS 300 and here as some of the benefits involved when purchased.

  • Data rollover
  • External antenna: The antenna enhances internet connection.
  • It is a simple plug & play internet connection.
  • Self-service is accessible from the router
  • The internet connection is super-high speed and reliable.
  • Voice-enabled feature for calls
  • The internet data plans are affordable.

The unused data can be rolled-over for you to use it in the next month and can be done only if you always subscribe on auto-renew making it to automatically move to the next month for you.















MTN Turbo Net has an option for you to purchase data via Mobile Money with the shortcode 170# or with the Turbo net short code 5057#. This shortcode does not only allow you to buy data but also manage your Turbo net account by checking data balance, checking broadband availability and more.

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A report from World Bank has indicated that an increase in broadband penetration increases GDP per capita growth and in view of this report, it’s an excitement to unveil onto the telecommunication market, the MTN TURBO NET with a high-speed 4G internet router giving a Fixed Wireless Broadband Service in the country, said by Selorm Adadevoh, CEO of MTN Ghana. MTN Ghana Officially Launches Turbo Net For High Speed Internet.

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