MTN TurboNet Router Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By | July 19, 2023

The Frequently Asked Questions About The MTN TurboNet Router has come as a complete guide to solve all your issues for you about your usage of MTN Fibre Broadband in Ghana.

From anything price of the router, how to bundle, configuration, the costs of data bundles, how to rollover, best

These are some of the compiled frequently asked questions about the latest Fibre Broadband from MTN Ghana, the MTN TurboNet device.

From anything price of the router, how to bundle, configuration, the costs of data bundles, how to rollover, best internet bundle packages, then this post is right for you.

The MTN TurboNet has been known to be one of the best and most used Fibre Broadband device across Ghana having the best 4G internet connectivity.

Stay tuned as I have more information regarding this 4G router today — Frequently Asked Questions About The MTN TurboNet Router.

What is TurboNet?

MTN TurboNet is the revolution in the fixed broadband space. A fixed wireless router that provides a speed almost as fast as fibre. The MTN TurboNet router gives you a super high speed internet — that empower all your streaming, downloading, and gaming activities at both home and work places.

The MTN Turbonet after its release, has helped numerous internet users across Ghana due to the affordable data bundle prices anyone could offer to buy.

Is TurboNet right for you?

No one can convince you to buy the MTN TurboNet or recommend that it’s right for you — but you should take a look at your home or office to check only if you’re not having any Fibre Broadband device. If you currently have any MTN Fibre router at your home, then there’s no need to go for the MTN TurboNet. You only need the TurboNet Fibre Broadband if you’re in a space where there’s no Fibre coverage.

Where to buy MTN Turbonet Router?

It’s very simple and easy to buy the MTN TurboNet router. Just walk to any nearest MTN office across Ghana and purchase your MTN TurboNet router.

How much does it cost?

The MTN Fibre Broadband (MTN TurboNet) is a product of Huawei, a plug and play high-speed 4G device made by Huawei for MTN Ghana.

mtn turbonetAt first, the price of the MTN TurboNet router costs GHS 300 until March 2, 2020 that MTN Ghana announced the official increase in the price of the TurnoNet which the new price goes for — GHS 499 effectively.

Is MTN TurboNet battery powered?

NO! The MTN TurboNet router is a plug and play device that one has to connect to light for power before it works.

How To Bundle On MTN Turbonet?

It’s very easy to bundle on the MTN TurboNet router as the mobile telecommunication network gives you two (2) ways to make this bundle.

With the MTN TurboNet router, you first of all need to link an existing MTN number to the router though it might also be having MTN phone number which can’t do anything itself. What happens is that, you will then use the existing to purchase the data bundle for the MTN TurboNet either by airtime credit or through MTN mobile money. The linked phone number helps you check, make bundle and also know any issue relating to your TurboNet Fibre Broadband via SMS from MTN.

You can use the *5057# code option to bundle or using your MTN Mobile Money to purchase the data bundle for your MTN TurboNet.

Can I do data rollover?

Yes, data rollover is allowed on the MTN TurboNet Fibre Broadband. Just like any other Fibre Broadband approach, you just have to bundle before your 30 days validity.

You would have to bundle before your 30 days period and whatever internet bundle you had previously would be carried unto the next month.

It’s not compulsory that you buy the same internet bundle each and every month though, but the more or highest internet bundle you buy, the cheaper you get it from MTN as the price reduces.

Which bundle is best?

No one can tell the type of bundle which is best for you though — but the only way I can recommend is to buy the biggest bundle firstly, then switch it to the lowest bundle in the next month as you have more bundle left but the cheapest bundle will just be of help to make a rollover.

How to Setup the device?

How do you setup your MTN TurboNet router?

I believe this should be simple for you to do — as you have used any Huawei Mi-Fi or internet device before and had basic idea of the configuration around it.

Just plug your TurboNet router, connect it to your Laptop or Desktop computer using the IP Address which will open the address interface for you regarding your TurboNet router.

Then login as your first time using your login credentials provided by MTN. The username sometimes is admin and password too admin or 0000.

After logging-in successfully, you now have the chance to control your device online — either by changing your Device name, password, blocking some unknown connected devices, preferred network mode (4G or 3G) and more.

Can I use SIM in mobile phone?

No! It’s not recommended to use the SIM card that comes with the TurboNet router inside a mobile phone.

MTN do block any SIM card that has been removed from the TurboNet device for 24 hours and maybe you inserting it in a mobile phone alone can get the SIM card blocked for 6 months.

It’s not recommended to remove the SIM card from your TurboNet device as the SIM card is not made for mobile phones as well as making calls — such is why it’s been called Data SIM.

How Many Devices Can I connect To?

The router has the capability of connecting to over 32 devices that works smoothly without any slow network nor poor connectivity. Be it at home, you can connect up to 32 devices of family members. At work, you have the chance of connecting up to 32 devices of staffs and enjoy faster network connection.

Does putting turbo net on and off as and when not in use damage it?

does putting turbo net on and off as and when not in use damage it? — A question most people are asking and we have the answer for you below.

The MTN TurboNet Router is a modern advanced internet router that gives you up to 300MBPS of internet speed hence making it the fastest internet connection in Ghana.

On top of the device are two buttons. One is the Switch which is used to turn the device On and Off. The other is the WPS button which when pressed helps you connect to the device without having to enter a password.

The device uses the Micro-SIM card size so be careful the type of SIM you put in so you don’t damage the device.

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  1. Kofi

    Please turbonet data sim can it also be re registered or can it be blocked if not registered again with Ghana card?

    1. ICT Catalogue

      Hello Kofi,
      For your information, Turbonet SIM Cards do not need to be registered. You only need to register for the normal SIM card you’re using for calls and mobile money transactions.


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