How To Access Information Portal For All Networks In Ghana

By | July 22, 2020

How To Access Information Portal For All Networks In Ghana.

Information is power. As we need it in every aspect of life to complete certain tasks to accomplish our missions for the day, week, month or year.

This post is about how you can Access Information Portal For All Networks like MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana & Glo Ghana also.

Mobile networks in Ghana have a lot more you can enjoy on their network — but since many don’t know, they tend to call their various mobile telecommunication company for any kind of help or challenge they may face.

Get to know everything simple, as you can make use of these information portals for all mobile networks in Ghana to enjoy the quality feature your mobile network has for you.

Mobile Networks in Ghana

Basically, there are more mobile networks in Ghana — but the ones I know currently are; MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, Glo Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana, and Expresso Ghana. You can also comment with some of the mobile networks you have on your list below — so as we can discuss more about that in our next article to be published.

How To Access Information Portal For All Networks In Ghana

I will brief you on some of the USSD codes you can use to access the information portal of some mobile networks in Ghana.

Basically, the mobile networks I shall be talking about are; MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana, Glo Ghana and hope to bring you the rest later.

USSD codes to access information portals for mobile networks in Ghana

MTN Ghana — *156#

Dial this short code to access the information portal of MTN Ghana. The same short code used to check your mobile phone number in Ghana, for Internet Setting, used to change to 4G SIM, check your SIM usage summary as well.

MTN Ghana offers their valued subscribers a range of exciting products and services under Postpaid and Prepaid subscriptions.

Vodafone Ghana — *151#

Experience the best network on Vodafone Ghana. You can get data bundles and amazing offers from their unique range of products, technologies, and services via your mobile phone.

AirtelTigo Ghana — *111#

Simply dial this USSD short code to access AirtelTigo Information portal via your mobile phone.

Glo Ghana — *124*2#

The USSD short code that helps you access Glo Service information via your mobile phone.

Wrapping up!

These are all the mobile networks in Ghana I can give you their short codes to access their information portal via your mobile phone.

I believe you will be asking why I did not include that of Expresso Ghana, right?

Well, upon several checks and calls, Expresso Ghana is currently not active anymore in Ghana. You can call their office line in Ghana: 0288 21 0010 — to confirm yourself.

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