5 Ways to Make Money with Tech Skills

By | August 12, 2020

Technology is one of the most powerful industries in the world. The problem is, many people believe you have to have the degrees, forty years’ worth of experience, and a magic wand to get a job worth competing for. That’s not even close to the truth. There are plenty of ways you can use your skills to create a career for yourself. In fact, there are more people self-employed with tech skills than any other skill. Here’s where you can start.

Image Editing

Image editing

Perhaps you’re a dab hand at Photoshop. Maybe you’ve done a friend a favor by creating a killer business logo and website header. These are highly sought-after skills that many people fail to make proper use of. It’s often because people are under the impression that these skills are not required anymore. Although they seem like insignificant pieces of work to someone with the skills to do them, they are essential parts of business to people who haven’t got those skills. And, business owners will pay nicely for them time and time again.



When a business wants to be successful, it has to invest heavily in branding. When someone mentions the Apple logo, it’s not hard to picture it. The same goes for the Nike tick or the McDonald’s ‘M’. Branding is what makes a business memorable to its customers. If you’re someone with the skills to create a brand image that will stick in the minds of clients and customers for all the right reasons, you have a ready-made business.

App Development


Developing apps has never been more lucrative. If you’re someone with tech skills and a knack for solving problems, app development could be for you. From health and fitness to parenting and augmented reality games, there are apps for most things. However, there isn’t an app for everything. If you see a hole in the market and you know an app can fill it, mobile app developers could help you to create something that starts off your tech career. Do your research and find out what the process involves and how to patent your app idea before anyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

Website Design

Website code

Every business needs a website, so if you have the skills to create a website, you’re halfway there. If you can also tell a business owner how to convert visitors and get a higher search engine ranking, you’re all the way there. It’s no secret that web design is a highly sought-after skill, but there are a lot of web designers to compete with. If you want to enter the industry, you’ll need a stellar portfolio in your pocket first.

HTML and Digital Marketing

Did you know that every email list you’re subscribed to uses templates that are built with HTML? You may think that email is for laymen but it’s vital for businesses. It’s an easy way to start a career in design or digital marketing and build your way up from there.

Even if you think your tech skills aren’t worth much, they’re worth a lot more to someone.

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