List Of IT Schools In Kumasi, Ghana

By | June 6, 2022

The world of information technology has grown rapidly, and its advancement has made work easier to mankind. Technology has become part of human lives, and choosing a career out of this will secure a future job for you.

Today, technology has been applied to all aspects of our lives, the way we live, communicate, travel and more stuffs. This alone has helped to create more opportunities that can be useful by Ghanaians familiar with technological tools.

If anyone is looking to further his or her knowledge in computing, there should be no place to look for — other than this useful article on the list of best IT schools in Kumasi you should consider.

Today’s article guide here will help to highlight coding academies and the top or best IT schools in Kumasi of Ashanti Region in Ghana.

Whoever wishes to further or acquire IT knowledge from any IT institution in Kumasi, then here we are with the list of some of the computer schools in Kumasi.

Facts About IT/Computer Schools In Kumasi

An IT school is an educational institution designed to provide Computer and Information Technology learning spaces and learning environments for students with theory and practical approach. Most IT Schools in Kumasi would love to teach you few theories and focus on the practical steps that will help you gain hands on experience, and this guarantees your qualification to apply for any IT job opportunity.

As an IT student willing to start a career in IT, you should always make sure you have a computer as basic, get an internet connection by having either pocket Mifi or Broadband modem.

Now, we shall take a focus on the list of some IT schools in Kumasi — that help train students with practical approach to get knowledge and insights about computer training for better IT Certification in Ghana.

In the list of no order, here are all the list of IT schools in Kumasi, Ghana to acquire your computer knowledge and certification in 2022. Without further waste of time, here are the different information technology schools in Ghana.

List Of IT Schools In Kumasi, Ghana

  • Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST)
  • Kumasi Hive
  • NIIT Ghana- Kumasi Centre
  • Kessben information Technology
  • Uniyat Practical Institute of I.T
  • Computer Career Centre Kumasi
  • Datamind Computer Institute
  • Fel Computer Institute
  • Spiritan Computer Training School
  • Interleks
  • Academy Centre For Professional Development
  • CityNET Computer Training Academy
  • KUST Faculty of Agric ICT LAB
  • Starfield Tech
  • Deluxe Computer Centre
  • A Plus Microsystems
  • Stelee ICT Training And Designing Centre

How To Apply For Admission At IT School In Kumasi

To apply for admission at any IT school that is located in Kumasi, you should consider the type of career you would love to pursue and make much enquiries about that. Hence, contact the IT school you want to pursue your career at, and ask them if they provide certification in such career.

Visit any branch closer and pay for admission fee to start the program successfully.

Should you have any challenge or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the IT school’s administrator or customer service department.

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