LG Soundbar Prices In Ghana 2022

By | April 18, 2022

Do you want to buy a soundbar in Ghana but do not know the price of it? If yes, then don’t worry at all because we have you covered. LG sound bars come in a variety of sizes and the prices are different as well.

In this post, we will guide you through all the necessary information about LG soundbars. We will show you the various prices of LG soundbars in Ghana.

What Are The Models Of LG Soundbars?

Below are the models of soundbars in Ghana.

  • 520W,4.1Ch Soundbar, High-Res Audio, DTS Virtual: X
  • 300W,2.1Ch Soundbbar, Adaptive Sound Control, TV Sound Sync
  • 500W, 4.1.2 Ch Soundbar, Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res Audio
  • LG Soundbar SN4
  • 480, 4.1 Ch Soundbar, DTS Virtual: X, Hi-Res Audio
  • LG Soundbar SN9Y
  • 360W, 2.1 Ch Soundbar, DTS Virtual: Hi-Res Audio
  • LG Soundbar SN5Y
  • 550W, 5.1.2 Ch Soundbar, High-Res Audio, Meridian Audio
  • LG SK1 2.0 Channel Compact Soundbar with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • LG Soundbar SNH5

How Much Does LG Soundbbars Cost In Ghana?

ModelPrice (GHC)Seller
LG LHD675G Dual In-built Sub-woofer Home Theater2,999.00Cedishop.com
LG SN5Y 400 Watts 2.1 Channel High-Resolution Sound Bar with DTS Virtual: X2,499.0Cedishop.com
LG Sound Bar SNH5, 4.1 Ch, 600W with High Power Design, DTS Virtual: X2,490.00Goodluck Africa
LG SN9Y 520 Watts 5.1.2 ch High Res Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Meridian4,790.00Goodluck Africa
LG Home theater HT655BT (1000 Watt)1,599.00Goodluck Africa
LG LHD687BG 4.2 Channel 1250 Watts3,799.00Cedishop.com
LG 300W Channel Soundbar System SJ31,599.00Goodluck Africa
LG CL65 950 Watts XBOOM Sound System1,999.00Cedishop.com

How Do I Set Up Sound Sync with LG Sound Bar

  • On your Magic Remote, press the Home button.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Settings icon.
  • Tap on Sound and then click on Sound Out.
  • Then change the settings from TV Speaker to LG Sound Sync Wireless.
  • Press Device Selection.
  • Now, press the LG button on the remote control.
  • There will be a pop-up on the screen with the name of the soundbar
  • Then click on the circle next to the name.
  • Wait for the Bluetooth connection.
  • Now it will appear under Paired Devices.


We have compiled the models and prices of LG Soundbar in this article. Also, there are some steps to follow to set up sound sync with the LG soundbar

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