Butterfly Sewing Machine Price In Ghana

By | April 17, 2022

For a great finish, you’ll need a good sewing machine. Butterfly is a household brand for making sewing straightforward and pleasant when producing fresh and unique creations, as well as being very easy to use for stitching fabric and a variety of other materials. The butterfly sewing machine is recognized for its durability and low cost.

This article guide here shall serve as a guide Butterfly Sewing Machine Price In Ghana for 2022.

History Of Butterfly Sewing Machine

Mr. Shen Yushan, a native of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, and his friends Mr. Gao Pinzhang and Mr. Zhang Mingsheng, both of whom worked for the Singer company in the United States, opened “Xiechang iron car shop” on January 18, 1919, at 174 178 Muqiao Street, Zhengjia, Shanghai (now: Fujian South Road), specializing in the renovation, sales, and repair of foreign Mr. Shen Yushan took over the shop on September 26 of the same year with a 425 yuan silver plate and added the word “jade record” to the original shop name.

Mr. Shen Yushan and Mr. Zhang Zongye spent 1500 silver yuan and 500 silver yuan, respectively, in February 1921 to create “Xiechang iron vehicle machine shop.”

Types of Butterfly sewing machines

Electronic Butterfly sewing machines
The needle is moved by a single motor that sends an electrical impulse. The machine is operated by the feet, leaving the hands free to move the fabric. This type of equipment is great for sewers in their homes. They have a multi-function zigzag embroidery machine, an LED pilot light integrated in, and quick winding bobbins.

Overlockers  butterfly Machines
Hems and seams are finished using these machines. There are various possibilities for fancy stitching. They can stitch a seam, finish the edge, and cut off excess fabric, which is a huge plus.

Butterfly sewing machine (manual)
These are basic tailoring machines that are used by both amateur and professional tailors. By adding a different electrical device to the side of the wheel, they can also be utilized electrically. These machines can stitch on any sort of fabric, regardless of its texture, because they use sizes 14, 16, 18, and 22, which are established by the manufacturer.

Price of butterfly sewing machines in Ghana

If you don’t have much knowledge about what each sort of sewing machine can do, they may look to be the same. They all weigh varying amounts, come in various sizes, and have a range of stitch patterns.

The price of a Butterfly sewing machine starts from GHS 500 TO GHS 2,000 depending on the kind of machine.

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