How To Write And Pass Microsoft Certified Educator Exams

By | June 17, 2022

To obtain a certificate and become a professional Microsoft certified expert, you would have to learn How To Write And Pass Microsoft Certified Educator Exams.

After getting certification for Google Digital Marketing, there are other certifications you can try your hands on, as a means of advancing your career in IT.

The Microsoft Certified Educator is one of the best certification every IT personnel should have — as

There are a lot of Microsoft Certifications — but the Microsoft Certified Educator is just a best certification one could boast of.

What Is Microsoft Certified Educator?

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a type of certification that validates that educators have the global educator technology competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students. The Microsoft Certified Educator certification is important to educators-in-training, faculty of teacher training colleges, and in-service educators.

It’s important to note that; The Microsoft Certified Educator exam assesses whether educators for certification understand how to apply technology tools in the six different content domains, not whether they are proficient in using specific technology tools. If you are looking for information on getting certified to teach specific Microsoft products and technologies, visit the Microsoft Certified Trainer page.

How Much Does Microsoft Certified Educator Cost?

The Microsoft Certified Educator will cost an international takers from $55 to $165 per exam in the individual’s local currency. This is because, MCSA certifications require either two or three exams, the cost to earn an MCSA ranges from $330 to $495 in the United States.

Is Microsoft Classroom Free?

How Do I Become A Microsoft Certified Educator?

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Educator is really simple — as you can follow the 3 recommended steps below;

  • Join the Microsoft Educator Community

A focused learning environment isn’t easy to achieve away from the physical classroom. Get started with distance learning opportunity from Microsoft by joining the Microsoft Educator Community which is a personalized hub created for educators to take the essential step to becoming a Microsoft Certified Educator.

  • Study

Microsoft has developed a comprehensive 21CLD e-learning curriculum that is very helpful study guide for learners during the certification.

  • Take the exam at your nearest testing center

Examination is the approach to determine whether someone knows something very well or not — based on the person’s exam score. The Microsoft Certified Educator exam is to prepare someone for the certification and you can learn more about the certification exam and how to register.

Microsoft Certified Educator Certification exams

Exam 62-193: Technology Literacy for Educators
Languages: English, German, French, Chinese (Simplified)Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Turkish

Retirement date: none

Candidates for this exam include individuals preparing to become classroom educators, current educators, faculty at teacher training or pre-service colleges, educational administrators, or other professionals looking to provide validation of competency.

Microsoft Certified Educator Skills Measured

  • Facilitate student collaboration
  • Facilitate skilled communication
  • Facilitate self-regulation
  • Facilitate real-world problem solving and innovation
  • Facilitate student use of Information and Communication Tools (ICT)
  • Use ICT to be an effective educator

Download Microsoft Certified Educator certification Skills outline

How Much Does A Microsoft Certified Trainers Make?

MCSA: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: $73,000. MCT: Microsoft Certified Trainer: $80,000. MCTS: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: $81,000. MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional: $90,000.

In response to the coronavirus (CONVID-19) situation, Microsoft is implementing several temporary changes to their training and certification program.

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