What Is The Role Of A Database Administrator?

By | July 21, 2021

Being a database administrator, just like any other kind of occupation comes with various functions or responsibilities.

Database administration is one of the key and sensitive departments of any company which relies greatly on data for its day to day running.

We have give you more information about Database Administration as part of careers in ICT — and it is very important to brief you on some of the roles and responsibilities of a Database Administrator in the field of Information Technology.

In this article, we shall provide any individual seeking to pursue a career in Database administration with all the responsibilities or functions associated with Database Management.

What Functions Does A Database Administrator Perform Primarily?

Database Administration is one of the lucrative long-lasting technology careers you can choose to expertise to make money after gaining your Computer Science or Information Technology degree. A database administrator has the following primary functions which they are expected to execute to the barest maximum.

  • Researching and selecting the best hardware and software available for managing data in the firm.
  • Managing and ensuring security of data by anticipating threats and nipping them in the bud.
  • Ensuring the consistency of data to and from a firm so as to enable easy analysis and sustainability.
  • Setting up a period data backup plan and ensuring strict adherence to curb unforeseen data losses that may occur due to system crashes.
  • Engineering a database restore plan if the database crashes.
  • Monitoring and adjusting database performance to keep up with the requirements of the firm.
  • Ensure regular communication with other data users in the company to understand newer demands for data and how to optimize its delivery.

In companies where the database administrator is acting as the Data Administrator, there may be some other functions to be performed by the Database Administrator in addition to their duties assigned to.

A data administrator may also be called a data analyst in some cases — due to lack of more IT personnel in the organisation. Data administrators are individuals who are responsible for explaining, analyzing and making decisions on data and its usage.

These duties may be classified as secondary functions of a Database Administrator in the world of Information and Technology.

Secondary Functions Of Database Administrators

Some of the secondary functions of database administrators include the following:

  • Designing data policies and standards for the firm.
  • Planning the company‚Äôs Information Technology setup and cost budgeting.
  • Identifying conflicts regarding data ownership and initiating steps to resolve all such conflicts.
  • Analyze data and provide data users with detailed insights into what each data represents.
  • Managing and controlling data distribution.


Database administrators are very critical people who are security conscious and are able to anticipate a threat on a database and circumvent its effects on the database and its data. Generally, the roles of Database administrators cover: planning, implementing and managing a database for security, reliability and modernity.

Should you have any in mind about the roles of a database administrator, you are free to make use of the comment box below and share your ideas or opinions with us.

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