How To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without Ghana Card

By | July 6, 2022

How To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without Ghana Card is what a lot of Ghanaians are asking about, after the initiative to provide the Ghana Card number before withdrawing money from your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

The Mobile Money service operating under the Fintech in Ghana initiated the need for a person to provide identification card before money can be withdrew via his or her Mobile Money wallet. With this, the government of Ghana brought another chance, hence, a Ghanaian can only withdraw money by only providing the ECOWAS Card (Ghana Card) details.

Ghanaians are stranded and not interested to keep money on Mobile Money; MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money, Vodafone Cash and the rest — just because most people are yet to go for their Ghana Card and do registration.

MTN Ghana rolled out the “No ID, No Cash” policy on 2nd April. This means an MTN Mobile Money user should provide ID before being able to withdraw money from a wallet from Merchants.

Now, identification cards such as; NHIS Card, National ID, Voter’s ID, SSNIT ID, Driver’s License and
Passport are no longer used for Mobile Money withdrawal.

The Ghana Card is now the only ID card that can be used for withdrawal and numerous transactions in Ghana, a person will need to find all means to provide this identification card before a transaction would be made.

Now, ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana brings you how to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money without using Ghana Card.

Send The Money Directly To A Friend

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You could possibly send the money directly to a friend with Ghana Card. Any friend closer to you, that is using the Ghana Card can withdraw the money for you from MTN Mobile Money merchant. Sending the money to a friend who has a Ghana Card makes it easier to get your cash without using Ghana Card. Though there will be double charges incurred there is no option and this would help to get your cash to perform any transaction your want.

It will be better to try this method to send money to a friend and get it faster than not having Ghana Card to get your physical cash.

Send Money Directly To The Merchant

MTN Mobile Money in Ghana

I have been doing this most times, to get my cash and go my way. The best way to get your physical cash from your MTN Mobile Money account is to send it to the merchant.

The best way to do away with huge MTN Mobile Money charges is to send using MTN Merchant ID of the agent you are sending the money to.

Withdraw MTN Mobile Money Via ATM

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ICT Catalogue as a passionate tech journal has been bringing you closer to technology, and one of these tech lifestyles you can apply in your everyday life is by making use of the ATM to withdraw money from your MTN Mobile Money account.

Knowing about how to withdraw money from MTN Mobile Money via ATM helps you withdraw any amount of money without thinking about providing the Ghana Card.

Since the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) supports cardless transactions and MTN mobile Money in Ghana, you can easily withdraw any amount you wish and the machine will dispense for you.

Try using Third Party Services for payments and transfers

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There are numerous 3rd party services in Ghana that help to send, transfer and make payments easily with your Mobile Money as well as MTN Mobile Money wallet. There are payment making apps like; SlydePay, ExpressPay, Mazzuma App to help you make that transfer from your MTN Mobile Money wallet to your friends and to your bank account account. Despite making payments and transferring money into your bank account, a person can also send money to someone’s bank account.

You can deposit money into your bank account via any of these 3rd party apps and make use of the ATM to withdraw money from your bank account.

User Your Other Networks with Mobile Money Accounts

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Despite MTN Mobile Money, there are numerous Mobile Money services operating in Ghana such as; Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money, Zeepay Mobile Money, GCB G-Money and others. You can transfer money from your MTN Mobile Money account to the other network and withdraw the money from an agent.

This method attracts the e-levy though — but will be of help to get cash in an emergency situation when you do not have the Ghana Card to withdraw money from MTN Mobile Money Merchant.

We believe in using tech to solve major everyday problems and this can be of help on How To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money Without Ghana Card.

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