How To Win Jumia Treasure Hunt

By | February 14, 2020

How To Win Jumia Treasure Hunt.

Jumia as we know to be an ecommerce platform you can visit for all your electronic gadgets and accessories, clothes, kitchen gadgets and more, there’s nothing like buying items on cheaper price sometimes. This article looks at how interesting shoppers can purchase for their favourite electronic gadgets or accessories on cheaper price with the Jumia treasure hunt.

Imagine at a certain point in time, you’re able to buy an item that costs GHS1,000 on cheaper price like GHS 100. That’s where the Jumia Treasure Hunt comes in as a way to buy an item of your choice with more discount taken off.

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Over the years, Jumia has been known to be one of the most visited ecommerce platform that has been serving the continent Africa in some countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan etc.

Although, there are varieties of ecommerce (shopping) platforms you can visit to start shopping such as; Konga, eShop Africa, OLX (now JiJi), Kaymu, Tonaton, Hubtel, KiKUU etc but Jumia has been known to be the common ecommerce website that has taken the lead in Africa as African are adapted to shopping via the platform.

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Jumia with the love for its audience (shoppers), do reward these people on each and every occasion as a way to compensate them for making them part of ecommerce website in Africa — and in such, one of these rewards is what is named the treasure hunt.

What Is Jumia Treasure Hunt?

Jumia Treasure Hunt is a promotion that gives you the chance to shop for product for a cheaper price instead of the normal cost.
With this, Jumia can decide to place an expensive item under some category with different name and price on it for you to guess and purchase. It can be a Samsung Galaxy A50 under baby clothes with the title as “baby bag”. Just imagine when the price is set as GH¢ 7, you might be lucky and purchase this and you will win the treasure with a Samsung Galaxy A50 instead of getting a baby bag.

With today’s article, is all about how to win items on cheap price during any Jumia’s Treasure Hunt promotion.

How To Win Jumia Treasure Hunt

  • Open the Jumia App
  • Go to the category stated in the clue
  • Start searching for the item within the specified time frame. Find it and check out immediately. The fastest fingers win!
  • All Treasure hunts will be exclusive to the Jumia App!
  • You can download it in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

These are all the steps you should follow to win any product from the Jumia Treasure Hunt easily.

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