How To Turn Off Auto Caps On Google Docs

Programs like Google Docs enable you to conceal any errors you make while typing because it might be challenging to repair typos when you are done typing.

The very first letter of the first word in your sentences is naturally capitalized in Google Docs thanks to a mechanism. It’s one of numerous writing-simplifying tools that Google provides. You can disable the automatic capitalization option if you don’t think it’s useful.

This means that you may disable auto-capitalization on Google Slides as well as on Mac and Windows. Nevertheless, you may disable this function in any version of Docs, even if you’re using the most recent version or a previous one, a web browser, or a mobile device.

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How To Stop Google Docs From Auto Capitalizing

There are several ways to stop the documents in your google docs from auto capitalizing based on the medium you want to use.

How to stop Google Docs’ auto-capitalization feature via Google Docs Website

Via the Preferences menu, you can disable automatic capitalization if you’re accessing the Google Docs website.

  • Navigate to the Google Docs website and select any editable document.
  • Select Tools, followed by Preferences, in the toolbar at the top of the window.
  • The first selection, Programmatically capitalize words, should be unchecked.
  • At the bottom of the menu, click OK.

Visit the Preferences menu and check that box once more to turn the feature back on.

How to stop the Google Docs app from automatically capitalizing words

The Docs mobile app lacks a separate feature to manage automatic capitalization, in contrast to the Docs website. Your phone’s capitalization settings, on the other hand, govern it.

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Therefore, you must disable automatic capitalization for your phone in order to disable it in the Google Docs mobile app.

iPad and iPhone

  • Choose General by opening the Settings app and scrolling down.
  • Locate and select Keyboard from the menu that appears.
  • Turn off the Auto-Capitalization setting under the All Keyboards section.


  • Choose System by opening the Settings app and scrolling down.
  • Click On-screen keyboard, then select Languages & input.
  • Decide which Android keyboard you want to use. If you’re unsure, Gboard is probably what you use.
  • Select Text Correction and then scroll down to turn off Auto-capitalization.

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