How To Trade Crypto With Mobile Money In Ghana

By | May 7, 2022

The complete guide on trading crypto with Mobile Money serves as basic steps for someone to follow and purchase crypto conveniently.

Trading crypto was impossible thing to perform, until the global pandemic coronavirus brought lockdown, of which many Ghanaians stayed in their rooms and learning how to trade at the safer side.

Thanks to Financial Technology (Fintech) — as you can now buy and sell crypto in Ghana through any crypto trading platform and using your Mobile Money service, that is serving as the commonly used payment service in Ghana.

What is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is a secure electronic service that allows mobile money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and make several transactions simply using their mobile phone. It is fast, convenient, and affordable.

There are various platforms you can sell or buy your Bitcoin in Ghana, of which some are; Paxful, PayPlux, BtcGhana, Ecurrency4u. You can also sell your Bitcoin through Breet OTC and withdraw your money via Mobile Money service. Since its launch, mobile money has unlocked more opportunities for Ghanaians to buy and sell crypto, especially compared to the prevailing profit margins of between 1% to 3% for p2p trading in Africa.

Financial Technology with the innovation of Mobile Money services such as MTN mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money, Zeepay Mobile Money, G-Money and many others have helped to make payment in Ghana easier whenever you are trading crypto. Mobile Money options are now integrated into the crypto market — for faster payment via your mobile phone.

There are numerous platforms you could trade crypto with Mobile Money on, but one of these we shall talk about and walk you through is Breet.

How to Sell Crypto with Mobile Money on Breet

A Ghanaian will have to register and verify account on Breet before being able to sell crypto with Mobile Money. After signing up successfully, you should login to your account and turn on two-factor authentication for security reason. Many crypto accounts have been hacked due to no proper security feature set for them and doing this will help protect your account.

Now, add a mobile money option as a payment method to your account. Though there are many mobile money services operating in Ghana, Breet uses the commonly used mobile money service which is MTN Mobile Money.

How To Add MTN Mobile Money to your Breet Account

A Ghanaian willing to add MTN Mobile money service to his or her Breet account should follow the basic steps given below.

  1. Click on the “menu bar” located at the top right corner
  2. Click on “Bank Details ” tab
  3. Click on “Add your Account Details”
  4. Input necessary bank information
  5. Choose Cedis as your currency

How To Trade Crypto On Breet For Mobile Money

Following this guide will help you know the best way to trade crypto on Breet for money into your MTN Mobile Money wallet safely in Ghana.

  1. Open the breet app, click on the crypto coin you want to sell for money
  2. Click on the “withdraw” tab and sell
  3. Select MTN Mobile Money as your payment method and confirm

I believe following this guide will be one of the easiest way to convert your crypto to mobile money in Ghana.

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