How To Tag Everyone in Your Facebook Group

There is a new way you can tag everyone in your Facebook group. The feature is completely new and easy to perform for even a newbie. In this new article, I will help you understand the concept behind this feature and how to use it effectively.

If you have noticed recently, there are times when you receive a tag notification from Facebook. When you open it, you will realize it is a group post and everyone has been tagged in the post.

Even though it might seem quite disturbing to some group members, others are also seeing it as an amazing opportunity to market their stuff. Of course, we can not tell the sole purpose of introducing this feature by Facebook but one thing is, it has its disadvantages too.

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Let us quickly look at how it is done.

How To Tag Everyone in Your Facebook Group

To tag all members in a Facebook group, you must have created the group yourself or have administrator privileges. Members can not tag all members in their posts.

  • The first thing to do is to start creating a new post.
  • In your post, add “@everyone”. An example of such a message is in the screenshot below.
How To Tag Everyone in Your Facebook Group

As soon as you publish your post with the “@everyone” tag, all the members of the group will receive a notification.

When to use this tag

This tag might seem like an awesome tag to get your messages across. But one thing you must know is the fact that the accounts that you see in the group are connected to real-life people who have preferences. This also means that something might be appealing to you but someone else in the group might not even want to see it.

  • Only use the tag when you want to share a groupwide notification. For instance, if the group is more of a club than a random group, then it is likely you will have group events. So use this tag to only announce upcoming events.
  • If your group is a daily activity kind of group. For instance, if your group is a daily quote kind of group, you can always use this tag to send your daily quotes. Since most of the users will join the group due to the fact that they want such messages, it shouldn’t be a nuisance to them.

When not to use this tag

I know most people will have the mindset to use this tag to make some money on Facebook. This tag is useful but can also be a nuisance to other users. There are many things you might want to use this tag for but I will advise you don’t. Below are some of the things I will advise you not to use this tag for.

  • Do not use this tag if you want to market your product. Marketing your product using this tag is not recommended at all. Usually, we all have our own preferences so trying to market the same product to a group of people will make those who don’t like your product see your ad as a nuisance.
  • Do not send random messages using this message. Only send what the members signed up for using this tag. If they signed up for daily Bible quotes, send only that. If it is a daily motivational quote, send only that.

If you follow this, you will deliver your message to the members without being a nuisance.

How to exclude yourself from the @everyone tag

Probably, you are not an administrator but you are part of a group that the administrator has been tagging everyone. I can feel how disturbing it is but leaving the group shouldn’t be your first option. You can actually be in the group but not receive such messages.

  • You simply have to turn the tag off. That will be all you have to do to avoid receiving those notifications. To do this, follow the procedure below.
  • First, navigate to “Settings” from your Facebook app.
  • Click on “Notifications”
  • Click on “Tags”.
  • From the “Tags”, scroll down to “Batch @everyone mentions” and turn the switch next to it off.
How to exclude yourself from the @everyone tag

That is it. You have turned the notification off. It means you will not get any notification again when someone uses the @everyone tag in any group.

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