Facebook Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know About

Do you want to know about the Facebook Marketplace? Look no further, the information you seek is right here. In this article, I will explain everything you want to know about the marketplace and even guide you through if you want to use it.

Facebook has moved beyond being just a social media. For some people, it is a working place where they make money from Facebook. There are others that also use it as a medium to help their businesses get more interested clients.

One of the awesome things you can do on Facebook these days includes buying and selling. The Facebook Marketplace is the feature that bridges the gap between buyers and sellers.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook introduced the platform somewhere in 2016. It is a platform where you can buy and sell from or to real-life people. Most people compare the platform to eBay but I find it quite different.

This platform might look like other selling platforms but it can never be like them. This is because there are so many features in play here that make it completely different.

On this Facebook selling platform, the seller lists the product and the buyer finds and communicates directly with the seller. The advantage of this compared to most other platforms is the fact that Facebook already gets over a million visits each day. Out of those million, a few get to see your product and interact with it without leaving the platform.

How to access Marketplace

  • To access the Facebook Market place, simply check your feed and you will see the Marketplace icon. Click on it to access it. Alternatively, you can visit the link in your browser to access it.
  • Immediately you open the Marketplace, you have a list of items presented to you. You can click on any of them and if you are interested, simply tap “Is this available?” and the seller will receive your message right away.
  • To purchase the item, you will have to arrange a meeting with the seller in order to make your purchase. It is always advised that meet the seller in a public place to close the deal. You should also not pay in advance for items you have not received.

I can’t access Facebook Marketplace

Basically, the probability that you will not be able to access the Marketplace is very high. This is because the platform is moderated just like any other Facebook product. Apart from the moderation, there is also the probability that the Marketplace is not available in your country.

Unfortunately, if Marketplace is not available in your country, there is nothing you can do. But if you are just blacklisted or do not meet the eligibility of Facebook’s standards, then you have a chance.

In that case, try accessing Marketplace with the link because you will not find it in your feed.

From there, you will land on a page where you have to request a review. Click on the “Request Review” button and Facebook will review your account. If you are lucky, you will be given access after the review.

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