How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

By | November 14, 2022

Many have been seeking for the best ways on How To Schedule A Post In WordPress on their blog. The best way to stay ahead of the clock is to know how you can change your scheduled post in WordPress on your blog.

Scheduling your WordPress posts can help give you the freedom to preload content to go live at particular times. WordPress as Content Management System has the feature that allows you to have a total control of how content will be published. With this, you can decide whether you would love to publish a post now or in the future.

You choose the particular time, day, month or year you would love to publish your blog post in WordPress.

In blogging, you will not always have time but it is recommended that you schedule posts to run throughout your blog in your absence.

To be able to schedule a post in your WordPress blog, check out the complete guide on How To Schedule A Post In WordPress.

How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

Most people don’t notice where to schedule posts in WordPress, but it is easier to find and do.

After writing your article post on your WordPress blog, you need to look under the ‘Document’ tab in the right column of the edit screen.

Under the ‘Status & Visibility’ panel, you need to click on the ‘Immediately’ link next to ‘Publish’ option.

To access post scheduling, head over to under the ‘Status & Visibility‘ panel, click on the ‘Immediately’ that is next to ‘Publish‘ button.

Now, you will see a date and time for you to choose when you would love your WordPress blog post to be scheduled. You can select the date and time when you want to publish the blog post.

As you are looking for ways to schedule your blog post, that is the same way you could make use of, to back date your blog post as well in WordPress.

Simply click on the Schedule button and WordPress will schedule your post and this will schedule your WordPress blog post to be published on the given time.

How To Schedule WordPress Posts In Classic Editor

Many WordPress website owners are using Classic WordPress Editor for their blogs, and it is recommended to start using the new WordPress block editor — that is Gutenberg. One of the reasons to use Gutenberg is to limit the number of plugins you would need to install for some features on your WordPress blog.

Too many WordPress plugins slow down your website, and you will need a better hosting package with more storage capacity before your website will be running faster online. Though your internet speed matters but you will need a strong hosting that helps your website runs faster.

Gutenberg as new WordPress editor is incredibly fast, modern, intuitive, and helps you create better content for your WordPress blog.

Now, let us take a look at How to Schedule WordPress Posts in Classic Editor.

After writing your blog post in WordPress, you should head over to the option under ‘Publish’ meta box in the right column of the edit screen and click on the ‘Edit’ link next to ‘Publish immediately’ option.

Now enter the date and time when you want to publish your blog post and click on the OK button.

There will be a blue ‘Publish’ button that will now change into ‘Schedule’ in your editor. Click on the schedule button to schedule your blog post in WordPress.

Finally, you are done with how to schedule a blog post in WordPress.

How To Schedule WordPress Blog Post FAQs

How Do I Schedule A Blog Post in WordPress?

Log in to WordPress.
Under Dashboard, click Posts, and then click Add New. Write your post. Under Publish, next to Publish immediately, click Edit. Select the date and time when you want WordPress to publish the article automatically, and then click OK. Click Schedule.

How to view all scheduled posts in WordPress?

Simply go to Posts » All Posts page in your WordPress admin and then click on the ‘Scheduled’ link above the posts table. It will show all scheduled WordPress posts in the queue.

What to do if WordPress scheduled posts missed schedule?

To run scheduled tasks, WordPress uses a system called WP Cron. If the cron is unable to run due to a misconfiguration on your WordPress hosting server, then your scheduled posts will miss the schedule and won’t be published.
If you notice that your blog is affected by this, then you can install Missed Scheduled Posts Publisher plugin.

How to unschedule a WordPress post?

You can unschedule a WordPress post by editing the post and changing its status from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Draft’.

Can I also schedule WordPress pages?

Yes, you can schedule a WordPress page just like you would schedule a normal blog post.

Can I schedule changes to a published post or page in WordPress?

By default, you cannot schedule changes to a post or page you have already published. Any changes you make to a published post will become live as soon as you save it.
However, you can use the Tao Schedule Update plugin to make scheduled content updates.

From ICT Catalogue, we hope this article has served as useful guide to you about everything you may need to know about WordPress. Take your time and learn how to easily schedule your blog posts in WordPress.

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